Make Naked Sims With This Patch

The nude patch removes the censor in the bathroom, shower, and hot tub

Illustration of Sims

Electronic Arts

The nude patch (i.e. no censor mod) for "The Sims" removes the blur you see when sims take off their clothes. This happens when they use the bathroom, shower, and get naked in the hot tub.

Parents who are unsure if this patch is okay for their children should know that sims are not anatomically correct (think Barbie doll). 

Be very careful when downloading video game patches and mods. Always have an antivirus program running and maybe even do a manual malware search after you download the file.

Nude Patch Download and Install

Follow these steps to make nude sims in "The Sims 3":

  1. Download the "Sims 3" nude mod and extract the files out of the ZIP archive. You can do that with a program like 7-Zip.

  2. Find the installation folder for Sims 3. This is normally C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\.

  3. Go into the folder called The Sims 3 and make a new folder titled Mods. In that folder, make another called Packages. The full path should be C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\.

  4. Return to the files you extracted and copy the file called Resource.cfg. It should be in the root of the ZIP folder.

  5. Paste that CFG file into the folder called The Sims 3.

The nude patch for Sims 2 can be had like this:

  1. Visit and click the icon to the right of the page that corresponds with the game you want the patch to be used on.

  2. Extract the contents of the patch from the ZIP file you downloaded. There are probably only just a couple files in the archive and they might be called something like *.cheat or *.package, depending on the version of "The Sims" for which you downloaded the cheat.

  3. Open the included text file that explains how to use the patch. For example, for "The Sims 2: University," there's a file called installing.txt that says to put the other file from the archive, called userStartup.cheat, into the \EA Games\The Sims 2\Config\ folder.