"The Sims" Nude Patch

The Sims Nude Patch removes the censor in the bathroom, shower, or hot tub.

"The Sims" Nude Patch removes the blur you see when the Sims take off their clothes. This happens when they use the bathroom, shower, and get naked in the hot tub. Sims are not anatomically correct (think Barbie doll), and parents should be cautious about using the patch if children use the game if they are uncomfortable with nudity.

Download "The Sims" Nude Patch

The child and adult versions are included in the zip.

Original "The Sims" Nude Patch
EXE Install

Download "The Sims 2" nude patch.

How to Install Nude Patch

If you download a zip file, you need to extract the files /gamedata/skins.

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