How to Make Friends in 'The Sims'

Friendships can be complicated. "The Sims" is no different. They can be fickle, drop you as a friend for no reason; or steal away your love interest. Relationships are important to the game. You need friends to advance your career and keep your social motives up.

Making friends is an art, not a science. It takes time to learn what interactions to perform and when. Luckily, it does get easier with time. You can use cheats to make friends. But before I tell you about the cheats, I'll tell you about the "right" way to make friends.

Steps to Making Friends

  • Greet the potential friend and complete a couple of interactions of talking.
  • When the friendship points are low, you need to be careful as to the interactions you choose. For example, don't kiss a Sim you just meet. Keep it to talking and telling jokes.
  • If at the house, go inside and make dinner. Sims love to eat — it's a sure way into their hearts.
  • After eating, watch TV or another group activity that is fun and gives your Sims a chance to talk.
  • Before it is too late say good night.
  • Call them the next day to chat or invite them over.

Tips for Sims Friendships

Some object creators don't just make furniture; some of them get into the technical aspects of an object and find ways to make them work differently. Many objects are for improving skills or motives for the Sim using it. But there are hacked objects that help in the friendship area (i.e. keeping motives high for longer social interaction).

"The Sims Hot Date" expansion pack makes it a little easier in some ways to make friends. It also adds new interactions and a lifetime and daily relationship meter, which make it more difficult to make friends.

Taking a Sim on a date for dinner is a great way to make a friend. Why? Because a 3-course meal takes a long time to eat, giving lots of time for the two to chat about interests. If the conversation starts to take a nosedive, change the topic. It never hurts to take them shopping and have them try on clothes as this usually boosts fun and friendship points.