How to Make Star Friends in The Sims Superstar

The Sims Superstar
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In order to become a Superstar in The Sims Superstar expansion pack, you must make friends with sims who are already stars. As you've probably discovered famous sims are snotty. Making friends with stars is possible. The key is getting the stars (or Somebodys) out of Studio Town.



Time Required


Here's How

  1. At Studio Town: Greet a Sim with the last name of Somebody. Complete about 3 interactions with the Sim, doing your best not to choose ones that cause negative reactions. Try to get the friendship score between 15 and 20. The next step is to go home and invite the Sim to your house or someplace.
  2. Invite Star to your house: Green up your Sim's motives and call the star. It may take a few calls before they accept the invitation to come over. Be sure to have plenty of food and fun activities, such as TV or the hot tub. Keep them happy and the friendship points should rise.
  3. OR Invite Star Downtown: Invite the potential friend Downtown and buy them a 3-course meal, giving you lots of time to talk and earn relationship points. After the meal, buy them clothes or join in on a group activity, like pool or darts. Gifts also help.


Stars love gifts, so keep a stock of diamond rings and flowers. You can't give gifts the first time meeting them, but in future encounters, you may.

The key to making friends with Stars is getting them away from Studio Town. Invite them somewhere, talk, and have some fun and soon you’ll have another family friend.

What You Need

  • The Sims
  • The Sims Superstar
  • A Sim in the Fame Career
  • Patience
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