'The Sims' Babies

The Sims nursery

vanessarocksmyworld0/Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)


Babies are the joy of every parent. Sim babies should not be any different, right? Just like real babies, Sim babies are a lot of work. They need attention, love, and food. The Sim's babies are babies for only three days. After the three days are up, your baby becomes a child, which will never grow up and move out of the house.

How to Have Sim Babies

There are a few different ways to get your Sims to have babies. They are using the Lovebed, adoption, or one Sim asking his/her partner if they want a baby. If you have a same-gender couple, you will most likely have to wait for the adoption option.

Adopting a Baby

Adopting a baby is purely random. If you want to have a baby, this is the last option to depend on, since it is so random. To adopt a baby you must wait for a phone call from Social Services asking you if you would like to adopt a baby.

The Lovebed

The Lovebed comes with the "Living Large Expansion Pack." The Lovebed allows your Sims to play in bed. Try playing in the Lovebed a few times to have a baby. This is not a guaranteed way to have babies.

Asking for a Baby

Your Sims may want to ask their loved ones if they would like to have a baby. In order for this option to appear in the menu, your Sims must be in love and happy. When this option appears, all you need to do is ask the other if they want a baby, and soon a baby bassinet will be appearing before you. This is the most reliable option. However, it may be difficult to attain quickly. But if your Sims are truly in love, it won't take too long for the option to appear. Just have them kiss each other passionately and hug each other a few times in a row, and watch for the option.

Buy a Baby

If you want a baby quick and fast you can buy one. You'll have to download one from a fan site first though. You can download babies to buy at KillerSims or Cheap Frills.


It is possible to have twins, however, it isn't something really built into the game. After you have your first baby, have your Sims play in the Lovebed a lot. If you are lucky, your Sim will get pregnant, and have another baby. Unfortunately, the babies will both have the same name.

Surviving Infanthood

That kid never stops crying! I'm sure you've felt this way about your Sim baby at one point. I have a strategy for keeping your Sim parents as sane as possible during the three days infant period. Alternate days for who takes care of the baby. One day have your woman Sim watch the baby, the next the man, or vice versa. Remember your Sims can take a day off from work without getting fired. While the other Sim is taking care of the baby, try to have the resting parent do something fun to lift their spirits. Have them take a long bath and do something they enjoy, like reading or playing chess. Also, when its time for bed, don't have both parents sleep in the same room as the baby. Only have the one that is currently taking care of the baby sleep in the same room as the baby. The reason for doing this is that when the baby cries both parents will wake up. You want the Sim not taking care of the baby to get a good night's rest. If you don't take of the baby (let it cry too long, etc.) the baby will be taken away from you. So when that baby wakes up, be sure to feed and play with him.

Babies = Kids

Like human babies, Sim babies turn into kids. Kids don't grow up, and you'll be "stuck" with them for a very long time. Kids require some attention. You do need to make sure they eat, bathe, and pass school. Some players find they are too time-consuming to keep happy, so they avoid having them at all costs.

If your Sim kids are consistently failing at school or they aren't being taken care of, the children may be taken away from you. So if you want to keep Junior around, make sure he studies, or else he may be sent off to military school.