Where to Find 'The Sims 3' Nude Patch

What lies underneath may be a disappointment

SIms 3
SIms 3 Computer Game.

"The Sims 3" nude patch is a downloadable mod that can be added to the game to remove the censoring blocks that appear when Sims characters engage in private activities.

Why Download a Patch?

"The Sims 3" was released in 2009 as part of the best-selling Sims computer game series. With this life simulator, you manage the everyday lives of your Sims—all the way down to their showering and toilet time. During these private moments for your Sims, a discreet censoring block appears to obscure what would be their naughty bits.

Enter "The Sims 3" nude patch, which lifts the veil of modesty to reveal the Sims in all their everyday glory. 

What lies under that block of black pixels? Not a lot, as it turns out. Voyeurs may be disappointed to discover that the Sims have Barbie-like featureless figures beneath their outfits. The censor block is merely a suggestion of titillating Sim secrets.

Where to Find the "Sims 3" Nude Mod

If you are still curious, you can download the nude mod, which is not authorized or supported by Electronic Arts, the game publisher. Here is a source for finding "The Sims 3" nude mod:

A Warning Regarding Mods

You are likely to come across many mods for games like "The Sims 3"  that purport to do many different things. However, be careful about downloading and installing these when you do not know and trust the source. These downloads can be loaded with malicious code such as malware and viruses, which can cause serious problems with your system, including compromising your computer's security.