13 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About "The Sims 3"

Think you know everything about your favorite game? Think again

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One of the most fun things that happen while you're playing ​The Sims 3 is when something out of the blue happens — like when Aunt Matilda shows up at a wedding in a bathing suit. (You just have to love those inappropriate Sims.)

In fact, Sims developers — geniuses at detail, humor, and creativity — have embedded many such surprises, capabilities, and "Easter eggs" into the game that can enrich your playing experience in a big way. The trick is learning about them. Here are 13 entertaining tidbits you might not have discovered yet, including some truly unexpected, fun oddities that add a whole different dimension to playing the game.

13 Entertaining Sims 3 Tidbits

  1. Teddy bears can be put into cribs in Buy mode.

  2. Pregnant Sims who eat apples or foods made with apples tend to have boys. The same goes for watermelons and girl babies.

  3. A baby's gender can be determined before birth by a Sim in the medical career in at least the fifth level. You'll find this under the Friendly interactions menu.

  4. Click on your lights to change their color and intensity.

  5. Sims can age anytime not just at the end of the age stage. Buy a birthday cake and pick the Sim you want to age to blow out the candles.

  6. Childish Sims can fish in pools.

  7. Good Sims can donate to charity. Click on a mailbox with a good Sim selected.

  8. Rock stars will be cheered or booed when seen in public.

  9. Handy Sims can wire speakers so the whole house hears music when the radio is on.

  10. Sims in the Criminal career cannot be robbed.

  11. If your Sims get the Disgusted moodlet, there is something about the room they are in that is disgusting to them. It could be dirty dishes, old food, trash, or a wet floor.

  12. Ghosts

    Ghost Sims can have normal or ghost children. Only one parent needs to be a ghost for a ghost child to be born.

  13. You can end your Sim's life and turn him into a ghost. Possible causes of death for your Sim include fire, drowning, electrocution, starvation, and old age.

    If your Sim is a vegetarian, he'll take a long time to die of old age.

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