Here Are Some Surprising Things You Didn't Know About "The Sims 3"

Fun facts you may have not discovered

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It is great fun when you are playing "The Sims 3" and something out of the blue happens—like the time Aunt Matilda showed up at a wedding in a bathing suit. You've gotta love those inappropriate Sims.

10 Surprising Sims 3 Tidbits You May Not Know

Here are a few entertaining tidbits you may not have discovered in the game yet. The details the developers added to the game are incredible.

  • Teddy bears can be put into cribs in buy mode.
  • Pregnant Sims who eat apples or foods made with apples tend to have boys. Same goes for watermelons and girl babies.
  • A baby's sex can be determined before birth by a Sim in the medical career in at least the fifth level. This is found under the friendly interactions menu.
  • Click on your lights to change the color of lights and their intensity.
  • Sims can age anytime not just at the end of the age stage. Buy a birthday cake and pick the Sim you want to age to blow out the candles.
  • Childish Sims can fish in pools.
  • Good Sims can donate to charity. Click on a mailbox with a good Sim selected.
  • Rock stars will be cheered or booed when seen in public.
  • Handy Sims can wire speakers so the whole house hears music when the radio is on.
  • Sims in the Criminal career cannot be robbed.

Other Oddities

  • If your Sims get the disgusted moodlet, there is something about the room they are in that is disgusting to them—it could be dirty dishes, old food, trash or a wet floor.
  • Ghost Sims can have either normal or ghost children. Only one parent needs to be a ghost for a ghost child to be born.
  • You can choose to kill your Sim and turn him into a ghost. Methods of killing your Sim are fire, drowning, electrocution, starvation and old age. (Note: if your Sim is a vegetarian, it takes a long time for him to die of old age.)
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