How to Change the Active Family in 'The Sims 3'

You can't control more than one household at a time

Sims 3

"The Sims 3" life simulation video game was released by Electronic Arts in 2009. As in its two predecessors, in "The Sims 3" game, you control only one active family or household at a time. You can change the active family, but how to go about doing so isn't obvious from the main screen. Keep in mind that when you change active families, active lifetime wishes and points are lost.

You cannot control more than one family at the same time in the game, but you can switch households.

Here's How to Change the Active Family

  1. Save your existing game.

  2. Open the game menu by clicking the ... menu icon.

  3. Choose Edit Town.

  4. On the left menu screen, select Change Active Household.

  5. Pick a house to switch to a new active family. If the house is new, move in Sims in the same way you did in the original house—through gameplay or by forming friendly or romantic relationships. 

When you switch households, the Sims in the active family you left continue to live their lives, although things may not go well with them in your absence. When you save the neighborhood, you save both families' progress, even though you no longer control the original household. The game keeps track of the relationship status between Sims, their current jobs, and the income levels of both households.

You can switch back to your original household any time you want using the method described here, although any moodlets or wishes are lost when you switch.


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