It's Easy to Play 'The Sims 2' in Windowed Mode

Change the shortcut's properties to switch to window mode

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"The Sims 2" and its expansion packs normally run in full-screen mode. When you play "The Sims 2," the game screen fills the entire display, hiding your desktop and other windows. There is a way to play the game within a window rather than full screen, leaving your desktop and other windows still visible. 

Playing in Windowed Mode

To run the game in windowed mode on a Windows PC.

  1. Locate the shortcut you use to start "The Sims 2." It is probably on your desktop where it appears by default.
  1. Right-click on the shortcut to open the pop-up context menu.
  2. Click Properties in the menu to open the Properties window.
  3. In the Target field, at the end of the command line displayed there, add -window (or you can use -w for short).
  4. Click the OK button.

That's it. Now when you launch "The Sims 2" using the shortcut, it will open in a window instead of in full-screen mode.

This works with many other games that run in full-screen mode, too, but not all games. Try it with other games to see if it works.

Switching Back to Full-Screen Mode

If you decide you want to return to playing in full-screen mode, repeat the same steps used to open the Properties window of the shortcut, but this time, delete the -window (or -w if you used the short form) from the Target field and click OK.

"The Sims 2" will once again run in full-screen mode when you start it using the shortcut. 

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