Every Sims 2: University Scholarship

How to earn all scholarships on PC, Mac, and PS3

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Before you send your Sims to college in Sims 2: University, you should see if they qualify for a scholarship. Scholarships aren't necessary to cover tuition, but they give your Sim extra money to spend on things like decorating their dorm room.

Information in this article applies to The Sims 2: University for Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 3.

How to Get Every Sims 2: University Scholarship

Once you declare a major for your Sim, they can apply for a scholarship using the phone or computer. Below are the eligibility requirements for every scholarship in Sims 2: University.

Scholarship Requirement Award
Hogan Award for Athletics Body skill: 8 or higher $750
Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship Charisma skill: 8 or higher $750
Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics Cleaning skill: 8 or higher $750
London Culinary Arts Scholarship Cooking skill: 8 or higher $750
Will Wright Genius Grant Logic skill: 8 or higher $750
Bui Engineering Award Mechanical skill: 8 or higher $750
Quigley Visual Arts Grant Creative skill: 8 or higher $750
Young Entrepreneurs Award Job level: 3 or higher $750
SimCity Scholar's Grant A- or better in high school $1,000
Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize Pool skill: 8 or higher $1,000
Tsang Footwork Award Dancing skill: 8 or higher $1,000
Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund No living parents $1,500
Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant Get abducted by aliens $1,500
Undead Educational Scholarship Be a zombie or vampire $1,500

Remember that Sims cannot take their scholarship money with them after graduating, so spend it while you have it.

Sims 2: University College Grants

Sims can also earn academic grants while in college based on their GPA (grades) for each semester.

Semester GPA Grant Award
A+ $1,200
A $1,100
A- $1,000
B+ $800
B $700
B- $600
C+ $500
C $400
C- $300
D+ or lower $0

You can also earn college money in Sims 2: University by getting a job as a barista, tutor, cafeteria worker, bartender, or personal trainer.

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