Every "Sims 2: University" Scholarship

All Possible Scholarships in The Sims 2: University

The Sims
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Treat your teen Sims in Sims 2: University by sending them to college. If they have good grades or a high skill level, they may qualify for scholarships.

Scholarships are not necessary for tuition since Sims colleges don't have such fees, but a Sims does have regular bills. Plus, don't you want your Sim to have money for other things in college like decorating his/her room?

Remember that Sims can't take their scholarship money with them after college.

Once your Sim declares a major, to apply for a scholarship is as simple as using the phone or computer. Choose College to apply. A list of the scholarships the Sim is eligible for will be announced.

Every Sims 2 Scholarship

This is a list of every possible scholarship in Sims 2 University:

  • Hogan Award for Athletics: 8 or higher body skill, 750 awarded
  • Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship: 8 or higher charisma skill, 750 awarded
  • Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics: 8 or higher cleaning skill, 750 awarded
  • London Culinary Arts Scholarship: 8 or higher cooking skill, 750 awarded
  • Will Wright Genius Grant: 8 or higher logic skill, 750 awarded
  • Bui Engineering Award: 8 or higher mechanical skill, 750 awarded
  • Quigley Visual Arts Grant: 8 or higher creative skill, 750 awarded
  • SimCity Scholar's Grant: A- or better in high school, 1,000 awarded
  • Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant: Abducted by aliens, 1,500 awarded
  • Young Entrepreneurs Award: Level 3 in Teen career, 750 awarded
  • Undead Educational Scholarship: Teen Zombie, 1,500 awarded
  • Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize: 8 Pool skill, 1,000 awarded
  • Tsang Footwork Award: 8 Dancing skill, 1,000 awarded
  • Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund: Sim has no living parents, 1,500 awarded

How to Make More Money in College

Sims can also earn academic grants while in college that are based on their GPA (grades) for each semester.

  • A+ = 1,200 awarded
  • A = 1,100 awarded
  • A- = 1,000 awarded
  • B+ = 800 awarded
  • B = 700 awarded
  • B- = 600 awarded
  • C+ = 500 awarded
  • C = 400 awarded
  • C- = 300 awarded
  • D+ and Below = 0

The scholarships and grants are great but you might need even more money depending on your lifestyle decisions.

Another way to earn college money in Sims 2: University is to get a job as a barista, tutor, cafeteria worker, bartender, or personal trainer.