Make or Edit Dorms in "The Sims 2: University"

When Standard Dorm Options Aren't Enough

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Most Sims start out living in a dorm. Although "The Sims 2: University" comes with a collection of template dorms in a range of sizes, that's just not enough if you're a gamer who likes to customize. Cheat codes to the rescue!

How to Edit an Existing Dorm

Enter the lot you want to edit. Open the cheat screen (control-shift-C) and type boolprop dormspecifictools disabled false. This will allow you to use the build and buy modes without limitations.

Make a New Dorm From Scratch

Add an empty lot to the neighborhood. Decorate the future dorm as you desire, remembering to include counter islands, ShinyTyme Cooktop, sprinkler, dorm doors, and dishwasher/sink. Go to the cheat screen, and type changelotzoning dorm. Your lot will now function as a dorm.

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