Get Santa Clause for Christmas in The Sims 2

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Build a Chimney and Buy a Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Waiting for Santa Clause by the Christmas Tree.

In order to get Santa to come for Christmas and leave a present, you will need to have The Sims 2 Holiday Edition or The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack installed.

Don't be a Scrooge: You will need to buy your Sims a Christmas tree for Santa to arrive. The tree doesn't need to be placed anywhere special, it just needs to be on the lot.

There also needs to be a chimney so that Santa has a place to come inside.

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Bake Santa's Cookies

Santa's Cookies
Serving Santa's Cookies.

Santa needs a cookie! 

A Sim will need to bake Santa's Cookies sometime in the evening. Making the cookies in the evening will make sure the Sims don't eat all of them before Santa arrives.

Santa's Cookies can be found under the Serve Desserts menu on the fridge. A Sim needs to have one cooking skill and own a stove with an oven; they can't bake cookies on the stove top.

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Send Sims to Bed


Send your Sims to bed so that Santa can come uninterrupted and in the night. You don't want Sims waking up when Santa is leaving presents behind.

Send them to bed at 9 PM so they won't see Santa Claus.

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Santa Clause Arrives and Leaves a Present

Santa Clause Arrives for Christmas
Santa Clause Arrives for Christmas.

Santa Clause will arrive and leave a present for the family. He will then eat a cookie, spend a few hours doing many belly laughs, and use the bathroom a few times.

Sims will get an action to see Santa. If you let the Sims see Santa, they will cheer and act surprised.