The Sims 2: How to Get Santa to Come for Christmas

You need just a few things to get Santa to come to visit

To get Santa to come for Christmas in The Sims 2, you need to have The Sims 2 Holiday Edition or The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack installed. Add a chimney and a Christmas tree to your home, then bake cookies and send your Sims to bed early to get presents from Santa.

These instructions apply to The Sims 2 for all platforms (PC, PS2, and PSP).

How to Summon Santa to Visit for Christmas

When you want Santa to visit your Sims, follow these steps:

  1. Build a chimney and buy a Christmas tree. The tree doesn't need to be placed anywhere specific, but it needs to be on the lot.

    Waiting for Santa Clause by the Christmas tree in Sims 2 screenshot
  2. Bake Santa's Cookies sometime in the evening. Santa's Cookies can be found under the Serve Desserts menu on the fridge. A Sim needs to have one cooking skill and own a stove with an oven.

    Serving Santa's cookies in Sims 2 screenshot

    Make the cookies in the evening to ensure the Sims don't eat all the cookies before Santa arrives.

  3. Send your Sims to bed by 9 p.m. That way, Santa can work uninterrupted during the night. You don't want Sims waking up while Santa is leaving presents behind.

    Sleeping in Sims 2 screenshot
  4. Santa Clause will arrive and leave presents for the family. He will eat a cookie, spend a few hours doing many belly laughs, and use the bathroom a few times.

    Santa Clause arrives for Christmas in Sims 2 screenshot

    If you let your Sims see Santa, they will cheer and act surprised.

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