"The Sims 2" : Trying for a Baby & Pregnancy

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Trying for Baby

Pregnancy does not magically happen, they need to try for a baby. There are three different places Sims can try to get pregnant, they are: the bed, hot tub, and clothing booth. Just because they try for a baby, does not mean that the woman will become pregnant. There is a 60% chance in the bed, 50% chance in the clothing booth (public woohoo), and 25% in the hot tub.

Trying on the Bed
To try for a baby on the bed, you have to have a male and female sim relax on a bed together. The option to 'try for baby' or 'woohoo' will show up. Choose 'try for baby' if you wish your Sim to have a baby.

If you listen closely after 'trying for baby' you will hear a lullaby afterwards. You can have both relax on the bed and see if the 'try for baby' option shows up. If it doesn't, then your Sim is pregnant. Or you can just wait and see if the telltale signs of pregnancy show up.

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"The Sims 2" Pregnancy : Day 1

Sim pregnancy lasts for 3 days, one day for each trimester. Just like humans, I've found my Sims react differently during the first day of pregnancy. Some woman are unaffected, while others spend more time in the bathroom throwing up than doing anything else.

Symptoms on Day 1
During the first day, a Sim may throw up and appear to be queasy when standing still. Other changes involve motives (bladder, energy, hungry) lowering a little faster.

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"The Sims 2" Pregnancy : Day 2

Today, day two, your Sim will show physical signs of pregnancy. Her belly will get a little bigger today and she will change into maternity clothes. If the Sim has a job, a message will pop up saying that she is no condition to work and she has the day off with pay.

Motives will continue to decline a faster than day one. From now on until delivery, it's a good idea to have someone else cook for the pregnant Sim. This way they can relax and try to stay comfortable as best as they can.

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"The Sims 2" Pregnancy : Day 3 & Delivery

On Day 3 your Sim will have a really big belly, and be able to stay home for work today as well. As your Sim waddles around the house, she will need extra care. Her motives are depleting at a very fast rate. Take special care watching energy and hunger bars. If they get to low, the pregnant Sim may die.
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"The Sims 2" : Birth of Baby

Sometime on Day 3, the Sim will deliver her baby. The camera will bring your attention to your Sim when she is ready to have the baby. The game will pause and family members will gather to watch the baby enter the world. If you save the game before the baby is born, and you don't get the sex you want, you can restart the game and try again.

A screen will show up saying that a new family member (or two new babies) is on their way. The new baby will be in the Sim's arms. You need to choose a name for the baby. The name cannot be changed, so pick one you like!

Good Luck! Now the real fun of taking care of a baby and toddler will be coming soon. Maybe next time you'll have twins.

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