'The Sims 2' Nude Patch

In the video game "The Sims 2," as in other Sims games, the Sims' private parts are blurred when they are in the bathroom, take a shower or enter the hot tub naked. There are patches to the game that remove the mosaic-blur that protects the Sims modesty, but it turns out, there's not much to see.

About the Nude Patch

A user-made nude patch gets rid of the blur in "The Sims 2." It is not authorized or supported by Electronic Arts, the publisher of the game. The nude patch for "The Sims 2" works for Sims of all ages, but because Sims are not anatomically correct, parents need not worry. The Sims are equipped like Barbie and Ken dolls, with no alarming anatomical details. For a Sim to have more explicit personal details, a user has to download custom-created nude skins, which are created by other gamers.

If you are still interested, download "The Sims 2" Nude Patch. If you have installed any other mods to your game, uninstall them before applying the Nude patch.

Use Caution With Mods

You will come across many mods for games like "The Sims 2" that promise to do interesting things. However, be cautious about downloading and installing these when you don't know and trust the source. Downloads from unfamiliar sources can be loaded with malicious malware and viruses, which cause serious problems with your system and compromise your computer's security.