'The Sims 2: University' Greek Houses Expansion Pack

Colleges, young adult status and greek houses

Phi Kappa Psi brick fraternity house
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"The Sims 2: University" is the first expansion pack for "The Sims 2." The game introduces Young Adult status, a college system, and Greek Houses as a college living option. The game has its own Maxis Greek Houses spin on it, though. Both males and females can join the same Greek House, which wouldn't happen in real life.

Joining a Greek House

A Sim that is renting or lives in a dorm can join a Greek House by using the Ask to Join Greek House selection on the phone. Members living in the Greek House come over. Your Sim is required to gain a certain number of relationship points with each member. The easiest way is to call each member and develop a friendship before you call to ask to join the Greek House. If you are already friends with the members when they come over, you are accepted as soon as they arrive. If you do not have the phone option, your university probably does not have a Greek House.

Benefits of Greek Houses

  • Motives decrease slower
  • Members visit campus and bring back pizza or furniture
  • Residents throw toga parties
  • More Sims walk by
  • Influence pledges to do your work including your term paper without using acclimated influence points.

Getting Pledges for Your Greek House

Members of a Greek House do not have to live at the House. They can still live in a dorm or a rented house. It is a big advantage for your Sims living in the Greek House to ask Sims to pledge. During the pledge period, Sims can influence the pledges to do anything they need. Pledges usually can do two term papers during the pledge period if you have them start right away.

Greek House members ask potential pledges to pledge by using the Ask to Pledge menu item when the Sim is visiting the Greek House. Outgoing pledging Sims need to have a daily relationship score of 40 and lifetime of 5, while shy Sims need a score of 50 and a lifetime of 10. If you do not know what the future pledge's personality is like, wait until the Sims are friends. This way, you don't lose points for the refusal to pledge.

Greek House Charter

Any house that is being rented can be turned into a Greek House. A resident only needs to Apply for Charter on any House phone or cell phone. The household has to pay 20 simoleons for the Greek House charter.

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