Ways for Sims 2 Students to Earn Money

Barista, bartender, counterfeiter at the secret society?

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The scholarships your Sims get in Sims 2 when they first enter the college do not continue to be disbursed throughout their college years. Depending on your Sims' living style, the scholarship money could be spent easily. Finding another job and grants are options college students have to earn money.


The University will give Sims grants based on their academic performance. Earning good grades is an easy way to earn a large chunk of cash at the end of a semester. Grants range from 1,200 for an A+ to 300 for a C-. Anything lower will not earn Sims any money.

College Jobs Available

Sims do not take on regular jobs like they do in the neighborhood. Instead, they do a job when they have the time or motivation to do so. The pay for the jobs ranges from 80 to 50. The higher-paying jobs take a larger toll on your Sims needs. The jobs are: Barista (80), Bartender (80), Cafeteria Worker (50), Tutor (60), and be a Personal Trainer (70).

How to Get a Job

To work as a Barista, Bartender, or Cafeteria Worker, click on the current worker, and select Work As. Your Sim will take over the job until you direct them to do something else. To tutor another Sim, the option will appear when you click on their assignment. This only works after your Sim has had one semester of college. Be a personal trainer by clicking on the potential student and choose the personal trainer option when they are working out.

Other Money Making Options

Playing an instrument on a community lot for tips, freestyle for tips, hustle pool, the money tree, and using the counterfeit machine at the Secret Society are the other options for earning money.

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