Sims 2 PSP Cheats and Tips - Secrets for "The Sims 2"

Don't be in a hurry to use a cheat in this game

Sims 2

Electronic Arts


"The Sims 2" is a life simulation video game that was released on several platforms, including the Sony PlayStation Portable. The following cheats are for "The Sims 2" on the Sony PSP handheld video game console.

Don't rush to use a cheat early on in the game, as it voids the point of playing the majority of the game to a large extent. Much of the game's point is to level up your skills. The cheat does this in addition to other things, so use the cheat only after you have done a majority of leveling on your own.

Cheat to Max Out Attributes

Press Select to go to the goal screen. Press and hold the L, R, and Square button until you see the screen flash a few times. Let go after 30 seconds. You now have all attributes maxed.

The Cheat Perk

This cheat perk does the following:

  • Builds up all skills
  • Resets urgencies
  • Gains 1000 simoleons
  • Refills sanity

Press Select and go to the inventory screen. Tap the right trigger until you get to the Perks section. Once there and everything loads, hold down the L and R trigger while also holding down the Square button. Look for the Cheat Perk, a small blue heart icon with a grin. Press X to activate it and then press O to use it, just like any perk.

You will see This perk is only for dirty cheaters and ninjas. Purchase it for zero simoleons. When you see the word Activate, press X to activate the perk.

As with the first code, this cheat should be used later in the game. Both codes have been verified to work, although you may need to go back into the inventory screen and make sure you have activated them.

At times, when the cheat perk is used, 1000 simoleons show up in the inventory screen a few minutes after using the cheat. It also boosts all attributes but won’t affect the way the game is played.

Getting Money in 'The Sims 2' PSP

All other glitches and tricks are pointless if you have used the two cheats covered here. However, if you would prefer not to use cheats, here are a couple of methods for gaining money.

Sell Secrets: If you've played the game, you know what secrets are. Find them and then sell them. Other Sims will pay good money for them.

The Painting Glitch: When you start playing, build up your creativity states first and then start painting. After you have a few paintings, the stats should be full. You then earn 500 simoleons for every painting you sell, and there is no limit to the number of paintings you can sell.

Can't I Purchase More? No, there are limits to what you can buy in the game over a set amount of time. There is no way around this.