Sims 2 Cheats - Gamecube

Cheats for Sims 2 on Gamecube.

The following cheats, codes, and secrets are available for Sims 2 on the Nintendo Gamecube video game console.

Cheat Trophy
Press L, R, Up, A, Z during gameplay. the Cheat Trophy (actually a Plumb Bob Trophy which resembles a metal post) will now appear on the lots and the following codes may now be enabled.

9,999 Simoleons
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press R, L, Z, Right, Left during gameplay. Select the Cheat Trophyn Interaction/Location: Give Simoleons.

Full motives
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press Up, X, Up, Right, Z during gameplay. Select the Cheat Trophy to access the option to fill all motives. Note: This only affects player one.

All lots unlocked
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press X, Z, Left, X, Up, X during gameplay. Select the Cheat Trophyn Interaction/Location: Unlock/Unlock All Locations.

Advance time by six hours
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press X, B, L, Up, Down during gameplay. Select the Cheat Trophyn Interaction/Location: Advance 6 Hours.

Set Skill level
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press Y, X, B, Z, Left during gameplay. Select the Cheat Trophyn Interaction/Location: Change Skill - <name>/Change to <number>.

All objects unlocked
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press Z, X, Down, Left, Up during gameplay.

All recipes unlocked
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press Z, B, Up, Down, Right, A during gameplay.

All fashions unlocked
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press B, Z, Down, Right, B during gameplay.

Horn audio
Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press R, L, R, L, Y during gameplay.

Development team picture
Press Right, Down, Right, Down, Right at the title screen. Note: the Cheat Trophy is not required for this code. A Sim voice will confirm correct code entry.

Remove messages
Press Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Down, Right during gameplay. A Sim voice will confirm correct code entry. Messages such as for the carpool and bills will no longer be displayed.

Hint: Controlling a dead Sim
Kill your Sim. There are a lot of ways to do this, but starting a fire is the fastest. Once your Sim is dead switch, to direct control (if not already in it). As a dead Sim you can walk through walls and talk to Sims. Terrorize, Wail and Possess are social options dead Sims can do. Unfortunately, you cannot actually possess Sims out of social mode. These social options have no effect on other Sims, but are funny. You can also challenge the Grim Reaper in fiddle challenge. You have an unlimited number of chances to try this. If you win, your Sim will become alive again. You can also pay the Grim Reaper 100 Simoleons for a Back to Life Ticket.​

Hint: Unlocking clothes
Get your Sim's relationships to 100 with everyone. Every time you raise another relationship to 100, you will unlock a new article of clothing.

Hint: Unlocking recipes
Completing your Cooking skills, reading the newspaper, and reading a magazine while on the toilet or while relaxing in bed unlocks the recipes.

Hint: Unlocking locations:

Hint: Business career
To master the Business career you must have Body at level 9, Logic skill at level 9, and Charisma skill at level 7.

Hint: Business career bonuses
When you get to level 6 in a job you can ride in a limo. You will get to fly in an helicopter at about level 9.

Hint: Food locations

Hint: Hidden food
There is more than just the food you can make. for examplere is food that give your skills a boost, food that helps you in love (romance Sims only for their goals), and food not in the list. for example, you can make a pizza.

Hint: Free harvested food
Use the following trick if you are in need of food and have very little money. Buy an item that can have food harvested from it. Harvest the food from it, sell it backn buy another. This will keep you from having to spend money on food. Unless there is more than one sim in your house, you do not have to worry about the other Sim wasting money buying non-harvested foods.

Hint: Hunger satisfaction
The more expensive refrigerators carry more foods. They also add a bonus amount of hunger satisfaction.

Hint: Aphrodisiac effect meal
Ostrich and Passion Fruit; or Carrots, Lime, Pork and Passion Fruit. Most things made with Ostrich or Passion Fruit will have the aphrodisiac effect, although some have a very negative effect (black hearts) that will lower your Sim's mood.

Hint: Energy boost effect meal
Dangleberry, Yogurt, Strawberries and Cherries; or Ostrich, Eel, Strawberries and Mangosteen (expensive but works the best).

Hint: Skills boost effect meal
Chicken, Onions, Eggs, and Milk.

Hint: Sick meal
With any meal you make using Llama, no matter what the effect, any Sim that eats it will vomit.

Hint: Super High Octane Shiny meal
Use Ostrich Lemon, Yogurt, and Broth on the stove This meal will have a constant high shine to it when it comes out.

Hint: Raising motives
To raise your Social, Energy, Fun and Comfort at the same time, power nap on a couch with a television or radio on nearby and another Sim sitting beside the Sim you are controlling.

Hint: Easy money
When you need some money and own a "Defective Arcade Genie Lamp" you can keep making wishes and you will get the money eventually. However, the genie can also cause fire and make all the characters in the area of the lamp to pee themselves if you make him mad. When he is mad he will come out of his lamp with red colored smoke beneath him. However, if he is giving you something good the smoke will be purple or pinkish. It is best to perform this when you first get a house so that you can get your money and not risk losing any items you have purchased. Note: If you talk with the genie, he gives you small advice and hints occasionally.

Hint: Saving money
Objectives that require buying furniture can be easily purchased on low ends. Just buy it to complete the goal then delete and get your full money back.

Hint: Money for goals
When you have a goal, such as to buy a bed worth over 300 Simoleons, and you cannot afford it, simply sell the bed in your house and buy it again.

Hint: Selling a good painting
Have high Creativity and be in a good mood to sell a good painting.

Hint: Finding buried treasure
A Sim can only use the Metal Detector in direct control mode. It is possible to find money, Dangleberries, monkey idols and bottle caps.

Hint: Avoid being fired
If you accidentally miss your ride to work on your second day of missing work, before it says you have been fired, quickly find another job by looking in the newspaper or the Internet. Once you have avoided the call to get fired, you can change back to your previous job without being demoted and getting deducted skill points.

Hint: Skip a few promotions in your job:

To be able to skip promotions while applying for a new job, you must first get your Sim (for example, Noel) promoted to the top of a career of your choice (level 10). Then, when applying for a new job with somebody else (for example, Wooster), find the one you chose with your first character. Depending on your relationship with him, you will be able to get a higher level job.

Hint: Socialize faster
Have a Sim who is not working throw a party while you are at work. Usually, only two Sims will show up for a party. Make them cook a good meal and when the guests show up will eat and find entertainment until you arrive home from work. By that time, your guests are in a good mood and be more willing to socialize with you.

Hint: Do the Woohoo with three Sims
Start with three lovers (preferably ones you can control in the house). Walk your Sim and their lover into the bedroom with the Love Bed then remove the doors. Make your Sim relax then call your lover to join you. Do the Woohoo and replace the door. As your lover gets out of bed, call over your next lover. When the first one leaves and the next one enters, remove the door and do the same thing. All the Sims must be in a good mood for this to work. You can stay in the bed and have three Woohoos in a row without getting out of the bed.

Hint: Forced friends
If you need friends, get a Hot Rock Hot Tub, or move to Tranquillity Falls where they already have one. Invite over who you want to be your friends and get them in the hot tub. Then, put objects around it so they cannot get out. Leave them in there long enough and they will become your friends. Note: Get out before your hunger goes all the way down or else they will die.

Hint: Keep friends easily
Throw a party once a day. It does not matter who shows up. They will just be happy to come by and hang out.

Hint: Helping your roommates make friends:

When helping another Sim advance their career also need friends (for example, Noel at the Biodome). Move back to a house where you can control three or more roommates and invite Noel over. When he shows up, make the roommates talk to him until they are friends and keep doing this until he has enough friends. Then, move back to the Biodome so that he can continue going to work and getting his promotions.

Hint: Know when neighbors pass
When you want to know when there is going to be a neighbor passing your house, look in the street to the far right. When a neighbor is going to appear, you will see the shadow of a person with its arms and legs out on the right of the street.

Hint: Getting married
Bring your Friendship up to 80 or 90. If the background is very red and blurry, select "Be on" the socialize menu and go to a bed. Select "Relax" then choose the bed again. Select "Woo whoo" once then press X to get out of the bed. Select "Socialize" and if you are in love, select "Propose" and hope that the other Sim says yes.

Hint: Getting Betty to marry Nelson
Make them get into the hot tub three or four times before they start talking. While they are in the hot tub, build a solid wall around them so that Nelson cannot escape. Then, have Betty make a plateful of Harvested Fruits and give a plate to Nelson. He must to be in a good mood or else he will not socialize easily. Then use the "Tell a joke" option until you get the "Hit on" option. Then, use the "Serenade" and "Make out" options alternately until you get the "Propose" option.

Hint: No friends or money worries
It will be easier if you just get through your career at level 10. Then as you progress through the game, you will not have to worry about making friends or money.

Hint: Live by yourself
Get a job for everybody that lives with you. Then, enable the "Advance time by six hours" code and send them to work. Before they come back, enable the "Advance time by six hours" code again. Do this every day before the people come back. Note: You cannot do this when you are a ghost.

Hint: Killing your Sim
With a low cooking skill, make a meal with Squid, Llama, Eel, and Fauxlestra. This will make your Sim double vomit, go to the bathroom fall over and die.

Hint: Secret room
When you want a room where a Sim can just hang out, follow these basic steps. First, make your house simple with a bedroom with beds one square apart against the wall that has the outside on the other side. Then, put a simple closet door between the two beds. Next, make that door go into a room that is 4x4 squares apart. On the opposite side of the closet door, put another door, and cover it up with a tall bureau on one side and a bureau one square in front. Then, make a spooky hallway that leads to a fun, secret room. Finally, put a deck floor for the hallway, rug for the closet, and rug for the hallway. Also, put no lights in the closet or scary lights for the hallway. Do not overstuff the secret room or there will be a fire.

Hint: No bills
Make a little 4x4 room and put a fireplace in it. Then, place a bin in front of the fireplace. in the last reaming square you will need to place a door. Afterwards, as fast as possible, quickly get the bills, hold them in your hand, and run in the little room. After a while the bin will catch alight and so will you eventually. When you die. your bills turn to ash with you. Therefore you will not have to pay them. to return to life, either challenge the Grim Reaper in a fiddle contest or pay him 100 Simoleons. You can find him in the garden near the road after you die.

Hint: Avoid building extra bathrooms
Because the Sims do not share bathrooms, just get the big Floating Tub and Toilet Stalls. By doing this, everyone has a place to "go" without shooing people out of the bathroom. This also cuts down on fire hazards.

Hint: Avoid building extra bedrooms
Buy the Expresso Machine and have only a small bedroom with two beds. They will rarely get used. You can also put all the beds in one bedroom. the Sims will not mind. Also, just buy the Twin Beds. If your Sims do not like each other will not share a bed.

Hint: Avoid needing a dining room table and chairs
Buy one couch and set it close to the kitchen. Your Sims will use it to sit and eat, power nap, read, etc. the Sprouch Couch is recommended, as it provides the most comfortable and you can get Dangleberries from it. It also avoids the need for bedrooms as well.

Hint: Christmas tree
Delete some walls so the game thinks it is outside. Get a pine tree and put it inside.

Hint: Golden egg
Beat the chicken at checkers and he will give you a golden egg.

Hint: Love Potion #9
To make a girl/boy accept Love Socials, you can make a potion to make it all easier. First, get an Aquarium, a Garden Hutch Frood Tree Red Blender, a Food Processor, an Oven, and a refrigerator. Water/feed them every day for about two to three days. Harvest the food from the items. Go into the Refrigerator and pick these ingredients: Avocado, Starfruit, Persimmon, and Chupa-Chupa. Go to the Food Processor and select "Prep" or something similar. When you are done using the Food Processor, go to the Oven and cook your dish. Go to the blender and select "Make Slurry" or "Make Smoothie". By now there should be hearts floating around your love potion. Finally, give your love potion to a girl or boy and start doing Love Socials. They will almost always accept it. Note: the love potion only lasts a few hours.

Hint: Stay in a hot tub
To stay in a hot tub as long as desired, go to direct control mode and get in. While indirect control, your Sim will not do anything unless you make them. Note: If you stay in for too long, your motives will get very low and your Sim may possibly die.

Glitch: Two gravestones
Occasionally, when you die there will be a glitch that results in two gravestones for your Sim. If you want to live, you will change the creeper, but first be live and practice on a musical instrument to get more music from your death. When you come back, you will be half live and half ghost.

Glitch: Fireman, police, and bed
Sometimes when you are outside your house and save then come back will be a fireman. Throw three parties in a row. Sometimes the police will arrive, walk through the house, and leave. When you save the game when you are in bed and come back, you should stand through your bed fall over back onto your bed. Note: This does not work all the time. Also, you can only do this in story mode at the first house you start at.

Glitch: Get a book to study with without paying
Buy a bookshelf. Then, have your Sim take one or two books from the bookshelf and set them on the floor. Immediately sell the bookshelf. You should get all your money back and have one or two books to study from.

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