"The Sims 2" Career Track Guide

Get a Job and Get Promoted in a Sims 2 Career

The Sims 2 comes with 10 career tracks. Each track requires a range of skills and a number of friends in order to advance.

There are 10 levels in each career track, with a unique pay and work schedule. Moving forward in a career is a linear process because each job has certain criteria that must be achieved before the Sim can move to the next level of pay in that career track.

As the Sims make progress in their career, they can earn a Career Reward object that makes learning one of the required skills easier.

The Sims 2 Primary Career Tracks

The 10 career tracks in the Sims 2 are:

  • Athletic
  • Business
  • Criminal
  • Culinary
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medicine
  • Military
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Slacker

Initial Job Application and Career Track Status:

To get started in a career track, a Sim needs to get a job in that industry. Jobs are listed in the newspaper, on the computer, or the Sim can personally go to the job location. Interestingly, it matters what the source of the job is: a job from the newspaper starts further down in the career track, while one from the computer starts higher. If a Sim has a university degree, he can start higher still, assuming his major is related to the career track.

How High Can You Go?

Even if this is a Sim's first job in a career, he can advance as high as level 9 if he has both a relevant degree, skills, friends, and uses a computer to get the job.


The Sims 2 University Career Tracks

"The Sims 2 University" expansion adds four career tracks.

For young adult Sims, majors help in their careers by earning skills required for promotion.

  • Artist
  • Natural Scientist
  • Paranormal
  • Show Business

With this expansion pack, any teenage Sim can go to college and pursue one of these four careers.

"The Sims 2 Pets" Career Tracks

The Sims 2: Pets was the fourth expansion pack released for The Sims 2.

Pets can have careers, using the Careers for Pets track. A Sim can find a job for his cat or dog using either the newspaper or the computer. Cats are paid more than dogs.

"The Sims 2 Seasons" Career Tracks

The Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack was the fifth pack released for The Sims 2, and provides seasonal activities, including four seasonal career tracks:

  • Adventurer
  • Education
  • Gamer
  • Journalism