Breeding Pets in "The Sims 2: Pets"

The Sims 2 box art
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It's pretty easy to breed puppies and kitten in The Sims 2: Pets, but you can't do it through a direct command. Instead, they have to get along with each other before they can breed.

If your pets don't behave as they should, you can force them to get along by "scolding" them. This will help encourage the animals to breed.

How to Breed Pets in The Sims 2

There are a few prerequisites for breeding pets in The Sims 2:

  • You have to have a pet house
  • You must have a good relationship with the pet
  • The pets must have a good relationship with each other (more than 25 points daily)

When pets are ready to breed, they'll go into the pet house and WooHoo. When the female animal gets pregnant, you'll hear the same sound that plays when a Sim conceives. She'll be pregnant for three days before delivering, just like with Sims.

The Sim's pet may give birth to up to four puppies or kittens. The maximum size of a litter is dependent on how many Sims and animals are already in the house.

After they are bred, kittens and puppies can be sold or given to other Sim families. What determines the simoleons earned through selling the litter is how well the pet has been trained.

How Many Pets Can You Have in Sims 2: Pets?

A lot maxes out at a total of ten Sims and pets, with no more than eight Sims or six pets. In other words, you can have a total of ten but only if you don't have more than eight Sims or six pets.

As an example, this means you could have six Sims and four pets, to meet the max of ten. This would be ideal if you wanted two genders of two different pets (for four in total).

Breeding in The Sims 2

If your pets are having trouble with their relationship, and it's making it hard to breed them, try keeping them in a bare room together to force them to play with each other. If there aren't any toys, and just some food, litter boxes, and beds, it'll be easier for them to breed.

Another tip for breeding is to strengthen the pet's relationship with another by praising them when they are fun and playful, which makes them even more playful and leads to a better relationship.

Here are some more breeding tips:

  • Don't forget that you need a house for the animal to breed in.
  • If your pet isn't breeding, make sure it isn't already pregnant! This is a common mistake. Just wait a few days for the pet to deliver and then you can try again.
  • Another mistake people make when breeding pets in The Sims 2 is that they try to breed to animals of the same gender. Use the Sim's relationship bar to see which male/female symbol belongs to the animal.
  • An animal can only be bred with another animal of the same size. Also remember that they're only as large as their mother, so a puppy will end up being small if their mom is small. The same goes for larger ones.
  • There are cheat codes available to help you along.