Simple Quizzes in PowerPoint

Learn to create simple quizzes in Microsoft PowerPoint

Simple Quizzes in PowerPoint
Simple Quizzes in PowerPoint. Michael Cogliantry/Getty Images

There are so many ways that a quiz can enhance your powerpoint. Here are some examples:

  • Use a quiz created in PowerPoint after a business presentation as an excuse to give away gifts to those who provide the right answers.
  • Create a basic quiz in PowerPoint for children in elementary school.
  • Create a quiz as an ice-breaker in a party or even an orientation program.

Whatever your aim, creating a quiz in any version of PowerPoint since PowerPoint 97 is fairly easy and intuitive.

In this small and easy tutorial, you will learn how you can create a simple quiz with multiple answer choices. Yes, you can create more “featured” quizzes using VBA programming within PowerPoint or the Custom Shows feature, but for now, we will just create a simple quiz that requires no extra programming skills.

To start with a quiz, you obviously need questions. Even if you create an amazing quiz in PowerPoint, you will still have to work on researching and compiling the best questions that have the potential to bring out the best in your audience. Some choose questions that can have only one correct answer. Five questions is a good number to start with.

Now, in our sample quiz, each question will require three slides – the question slide and the correct and incorrect slides for each question. I also used five pictures – one each per question to add visual content and relevance to the quiz. In this sample, the visuals actually were part of the presentation.

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Create a new presentation.

Title Only Layout
Title Only Layout. Geetesh Bajaj

Start PowerPoint and create a new. blank presentation. Insert a new slide with the Title Only layout.  

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Add a question, and a picture.

Your first question
Your first question. Geetesh Bajaj

Type in your question in the Title placeholder, and insert a picture within your slide.

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Add answer choices.

Add text boxes
Add text boxes. Geetesh Bajaj

Now, you can add three or more text boxes beneath the picture or anywhere else on the slide. Type in the answers. Only one of the answers needs to be correct; make sure that you do not provide any second answer that is correct or even partially correct to avoid confusion.

Format the text boxes with fills, as required. You can also format the font and font color if needed.

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Create a correct answer slide.

The correct answer slide
The correct answer slide. Geetesh Bajaj

Create a new slide for the correct answers. You can mention the correct answer on this “correct” slide.

Also provide a text box or some navigation that leads viewers to the next question slide. Yes, you will need to add a hyperlink from the "Go ahead" or similar link (see screenshot). We will explore creating hyperlinks once all our quiz slides are created.

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Create a wrong answer slide.

Wrong answer slide
Wrong answer slide. Geetesh Bajaj

Next, you will need to create another slide for those who clicked on the wrong answers on the original quiz question slide.

Remember to provide a text box or some navigation that leads viewers to try answering again (or some other choice). You will need to add a hyperlink from the "Try again" or similar link (see screenshot). We will explore creating hyperlinks once all our quiz slides are created.

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Add hyperlinks from the quiz question slide.

Bring up Action Settings
Bring up Action Settings. Geetesh Bajaj

Now go back to the question slide (see Step 2) and select the text box that contains the correct answer. Press Ctrl+K (Windows) or Cmd+K (Mac) to bring up the Action Settings dialog box.

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Link to the correct answer slide

Link to the correct answer slide
Link to the correct answer slide. Geetesh Bajaj

In the Mouse Click tab of the Action Settings dialog box, activate the drop-down box in the Hyperlink to area, and choose the Slide… option.

In the resultant dialog box (screenshot is shown in next Step 8), choose to hyperlink to your correct answer slide that we created in Step 4.

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Replicate this process to create more quiz slides.

Link to a congratulatory slide!
Link to a congratulatory slide!. Geetesh Bajaj

In the same way, hyperlink the text boxes with the wrong answers to the wrong answer slide we created in Step 5.

Now create four similar sets of three slides each with the four remaining questions.

For all the “wrong answer slides," consider adding a link back to the actual question slide so that users can attempt to respond again to the question again.

On all the “correct answer slides," provide a link to the next question.