Simon Matthew Chandler

Simon Chandler

Simon Chandler is a freelance technology writer and journalist. His primary technological interests include social media, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, AI, VR/AR, and the internet of things. He also writes about politics, culture and music from time to time.

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Simon has written about technology for a wide range of media outlets, including Wired, Daily Dot, the Verge, TechCrunch, Computer Weekly, VentureBeat and Cryptonews. He's also been a full-time news editor and features writer for the UK consumer website Choose, where among other things he reviewed internet providers and consumer gadgets.


Simon has a Bachelor's degree in History & Archaeology from the University of Reading, as well as a Master's degree in Philosophy from King's College London.

Simon Matthew Chandler

Technology and consumer gadgets are supposed to provide us with time-saving ease and convenience, but we all know they can sometimes provide us with the exact opposite. My aim is to help people ensure that they remain on the helpful side of the spectrum, by explaining as clearly as possible just how technology works.

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