Download Regions for SimCity 4

Where to find and how to install custom regions for SimCity 4

Before you create a new city in SimCity 4, check out the many fan-created regions available on the internet. Learn where and how to download regions for SimCity 4.

This article applies to SimCity 4 for Windows and macOS.

Overview of a city in SimCity 4
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Where to Download SimCity 4 Regions

Simtropolis and the SC4 Devotion forums have hundreds of custom SimCity 4 regions for download. Sim Archive also has a few regions along with other custom resources. You might find links to custom regions in the SimCity 4 forums on Steam. If you know the name of the region you want, just search for it on Google.

Always run antivirus software before opening files you download from the web to scan for malware.

How to Install SimCity 4 Regions

Some regions or maps come with installation instructions. If you downloaded a region without instructions, follow these steps:

  1. Download the region and extract the ZIP file if necessary. Usually, you'll see a JPEG and a bitmap file.

  2. Locate the My Documents/SimCity/Regions folder on your computer and copy the unzipped region files you downloaded into the folder.

    If you have multiple custom regions, you can create additional folders within the Regions folder to keep them organized.

  3. Launch SimCity 4 and start your game.

  4. To import a new region, press and hold down Shift + Alt + Ctrl + R or go to your Regions list and load the new region.

    You may need to select the JPEG file in the new folder.

Best Regions to Download in SimCity 4

Here's an overview of the most popular custom regions for SimCity 4.

  • Maxisland Region: The Maxisland region is a fully developed metropolis with three medium-sized cities that are home to an art museum, a casino, a courthouse, and 1.3 million sims. A single hydrogen plant powers all three cities. There is an agricultural area in the north and a bay in the south where Sims can take a cruise or visit remote islands by ferry. 
  • Rina's Ridiculous Rivers: Rina's Ridiculous Rivers region has water, water everywhere, but there are also rolling hills with pre-flattened terraces perfect for building. The map is basically a blank canvas, perfect for creating your own community from scratch.
  • Boston Region: The Boston region for SimCity 4 is a 1:1 scale map of the greater Boston area in Massachusetts. The map is completely flat, so it is ready for heavy development.
  • Nihon, Japan Region: The Nihon, Japan region for SimCity 4 is a fan favorite and highly rated downloadable region. It is a recreation of real-world islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire.
  • Reykjavik Region: The Reykjavik region depicts the capital city of Iceland. Released in 2003, this map has thousands of downloads to its credit and is highly ranked by users.
  • Male and Female Regions: The male and female region maps are based on the male and female gender symbols, but you don't have to make sex-segregated cities. Get creative and build communities that bend the gender binary.


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