7 Signs of Facebook Addiction

How to Tell If You are Addicted to Facebook

If you're wondering at what point fixation with social networking explodes into full-blown Facebook addiction, here are seven warning signs that you (or someone you know) may be addicted to Facebook.

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Spending Excessive Time on Facebook

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Spending excessive time on Facebook is a clear red flag. How much time is excessive? If you spend more than two hours in a row or three hours daily with your nose buried in the Facebook website, you are probably addicted.  

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Compulsive Profile Dressing

You should be doing your homework or working on that document your boss wants tomorrow or playing with your children, but instead, you compulsively sign on to Facebook so you can change your profile picture for the third time this week. Bam. You're addicted.

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Status Update Anxiety

You feel anxious, nervous, or guilty if you don't update your Facebook status at least three or four times a day. Did you know that some people go days without updating their status? Thought not. 

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Bathroom Updates

You take your phone into the bathroom so you can update your status on the john. You're addicted, and you need to do something about it pronto.

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Your Pets Joined Facebook

You created Facebook accounts for your dog or your cat—or both—and, oh yeah, you helped them friend each other.

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Facebook Tardy

You miss work deadlines or are late for business meetings because you get lost in the virtual vortex of Facebook. Addicted.

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Friend Obsession

You have more than 600 Facebook friends, but you fret over whether you have enough—and you've never actually met even half of those "friends."

Chances are you are addicted, but this is not uncommon nowadays. See if you can go through and delete the people you have no clue who they are. If you can't, you're probably addicted.

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What to Do If You Are Addicted

If two or more of these addiction signs describe your relationship with the social network, you maybe frittering away too much of your real life on your virtual one. 

If you decide you want to beat your addiction to Facebook, you could try cold-turkey solutions such as deactivating your Facebook account or deleting your Facebook. Those are two easy fixes, but other less-traumatic options may be better. Explore a few alternate strategies that can help you beat Facebook addiction such as keeping a log of the time you spend on the site or using a Facebook blocker.