How to Open and Sign In to AIM on AIM Mail

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 Wilimedia Commons

Accessing AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) in your AIM Mail inbox used to be a feature that was really simple to use. All you had to do was log in to your mail account and then find the contact you want to chat with off to the side.

However, because AIM was discontinued in December, 2017, you can no longer access it through or via AOL Mail.

Below were the last valid instructions for accessing AIM through AIM Mail.

Log In to AIM Mail

AIM screenshot


  1. Visit
  2. Choose Sign In on the right-hand side of your mail.
  3. When asked, type your AIM screen name and password to log in.

Feel free to check the box that reads Automatically sign me into AIM when I sign into Mail to speed up this process the next time you want to use AIM in your mail account.

Choose a Buddy to Chat With

AIM via AIM Mail


After signing in, your AIM Buddy List will appear to the right of your mail like you see in this screenshot.

Select any entry in that list to immediately send IM and text messages to your AIM buddies.