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Xanga is a weblog community where you can create a profile about yourself, write a weblog, add photos and meet other Xanga webloggers. Create a weblog with Xanga and get a profile page to go along with your weblog where you can tell all about who you are, your hobbies and anything else you want to tell about. You can also upload photos to your Xanga weblog to make your Xanga weblog more personal. Best of all you can have a Xanga weblog for free.

To get started, go to On this main page, you will see a box that is titled "Get Started." Click on where it says "Xanga Classic - FREE!"

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One-Step Registration

Registration for a Xanga weblog is very easy. All you have to do is choose a username and password for your Xanga Weblog, enter your email address, enter a security code (this is to prevent spammers from creating accounts), agree to the Xanga terms of use and be 13 years old or older.

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Design Your Xanga Site

Now you need to give your Xanga weblog a title and a tagline. The title should be personal and fun. The tagline is just a one-liner to tell about your weblog.

Next, choose what font you want the text on your site to be in. The font is the style of words on the page. Different fonts will make your words look different. This setup wizard doesn't show you what the fonts look like so you will need to pick one, see how it looks on your weblog and change it later if you don't like it.

Now you get to choose how your weblog will look. There are 8 different templates to choose from on this page. Mostly all you can see are the colors that will show up on your weblog. Choose the one you like best. If you don't like the way it looks on your weblog you can always change it later. Click the "Next" button when you are done with this part of the setup wizard.

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Set up Your Xanga Profile

While setting up your profile you are going to tell your Xanga weblog's readers a little about you. For every part of the profile that you fill out, you can decide whether that part should be shown on your profile or hidden. You only have to tell as much as you are comfortable telling about you on your Xanga profile.

Tip: Never give out your phone number, address, place or work or anything else that can lead someone to you.

First, you will fill out a little bio about yourself. Tell your weblog's readers who you are. People are more likely to read a weblog and come back to read it again if they know who they are reading about.

The next section asks for personal information, don't answer anything you feel uncomfortable answering. They want you to list your name, country, state, zip code, birthday and gender. You could use a nickname instead of your real name if you want to. The rest is pretty safe. They also want to know if you want your email address listed on your weblog, this is entirely up to you. Your Xanga weblog's address is here. You can copy this and email it to your friends.

If you have an instant messenger and want people to be able to contact you with it, you can put your IM number here. Next list your hobbies and interests, expertise, occupation, and industry. When you are finished with this page of the setup wizard click the "Next" button. On the next page choose the city closest to you and click "Next" again.

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Choose a Picture for Your Xanga Profile

Choose a picture that you want to show up on the profile page of your Xanga weblog. It can be of you or anything else you want. The picture needs to be 170x170 pixels or smaller.

Click on the "Browse" button and choose the picture from your computer. After you have chosen the picture you want for your Xanga profile click on the "Upload" button.

On the next page, you will see your photo. You are now ready to post your first Xanga weblog entry. Click on "New Entry" to start.

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Write Your First Entry

If you want your Xanga weblog entry to have a title enter the title of the entry in the title line. Write your entry in the entry box. Then you can edit it and change the way it looks using the tools in the toolbox right above the entry box. You can use colors, change fonts, add smileys, spell check and do many more things to your entry. Under the entry box you have some options:

  • Profile Pic You can add pictures to your Xanga weblog entries. Click on the word "Choose." A window will pop up. Pick the photo you want to add and add it. You don't have to add a photo if you don't want to.
  • Currently Choose from the list of things to tell what you are doing right now, besides writing a weblog entry.
  • Privacy Choose whether you want your weblog entry private so only you can read it, public so everyone can read it, or protected so only certain people can read it. You can choose who those people will be later.
  • Comments If you leave this box checked people reading your Xanga weblog entry will be about to leave comments about your entry. If you don't want people to leave you comments about your entry then uncheck the box.

When you are finished writing and editing your Xanga weblog entry click on the "Submit" button to publish your weblog entry to your Xanga weblog.

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Bookmark Your Page

You have just set up your own Xanga profile and started your Xanga weblog. You should now be on our profile page. You have a picture on your profile and your first entry is showing up on your Xanga profile page.

Bookmark this page. This is where you go to make changes to your Xanga profile and add entries to your Xanga weblog. You will see Xanga news on this page also so you can keep updated on what's happening at Xanga. If you don't like something about your profile page or the way your weblog looks you can change it all from this page.

Now you can join blogrings, sign up for subscriptions, and much more.