Sign up for the New Myspace - Step by Step Tutorial

It's easy to sign up for Myspace and start using the new, music-focused version which rolled out in 2013. Here's how to do it in a few quick steps.

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Sign up for Myspace and Learn How the New Version Works

Sign up for Myspace screenshot signup screen.

For a new Myspace sign up, click the "Join" button on the home page of and you'll see several choices for how to join or use the site:

  1. Via your Facebook ID
  2. Via your Twitter ID
  3. Create a new user name and password just for Myspace

If you're already a user of Myspace, you can just sign in with your old email and password.

To create a new ID, Myspace asks for your full name, your email, gender, and date of birth (you must be at least 14 years old). You're also asked to create a username of up to 26 characters and password between 6 and 50 characters.

After filling out the form, click the box assenting to the new terms of use and then hit the "Join" button.

Confirm your choices if asked, click "join" or "continue."

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Choose Your Myspace Roles

Screen for selecting Myspace roles
Screen for selecting Myspace roles.

You'll see a set of possible roles you may identify with, like "fan," or "DJ/Producer" or "musician."

Check the ones that apply to you and then click "continue."

(Or click "skip this step" if you don't want to apply any of the roles to your Myspace identity.)

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Create Your New Myspace Profile

Myspace profile
New Myspace profile.

Next in the new Myspace sign-up process, you'll see the screen above with a welcome banner above it. This is your Myspace profile.

You can add your photo, a cover photo, write a description or "about me" blurb, and have the opportunity to add both audio and video.

Your privacy option is here, too. Your profile is public by default. You can take it private by clicking "restricted profile."

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Connect to People and Artists

Connect to Other Social Networks
Screen for linking networks.

Next, Myspace will invite you to click on "Stream", where you can connect to people and artists.

The navigation bar on the left will give you lots of other options to build, customize and enhance your Myspace experience. Click on "Discover" to get an overview of what's new and hot, and to start finding music to play and share.

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What Is the Myspace Discover Tab?

Myspace disocver page
Myspace disocver page.

The Discover stream shows you news about popular songs, other music, bands, and artists. It displays large photos and uses an odd, horizontal scrolling interface. There's a "radio" button that lets you stream music in popular genres.

You can always return to your home page by clicking the Myspace logo at the bottom left in the gray navigation area, next to your name.

The music player controls are there too, letting you listen to popular songs and "radio stations."

You can search for bands and artists and follow them too.


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The New Myspace Home Page

Myspace home page
The new Myspace home page.

Your Myspace home page will look a little empty until you connect to some artists, bands or other users.

Then you'll see a stream of updates at the top of the page similar to Facebook's news feed or the update stream from your connections on LinkedIn and other social networks.

Across the bottom of your page is your music navigation menu, your "deck" as Myspace calls it.