How to Sign Out of a Single Sign-On Fire Stick

Fire TV Stick's single sign-on feature lets you log in and out at once

What to Know

  • On your Fire TV Stick, log out of an app that supports single sign-on. Example steps would be: Settings > Sign Out of Your TV Provider.
  • If you’re selling or giving away your Fire Stick, you should also deregister it and perform a factory reset.

The Amazon Fire Stick’s single sign-on feature, which lets you log into multiple apps all at once, is pretty cool, but how can you log out? This page will guide you through the single sign-on logout process in addition to explaining how the feature works and what you might need to do next if you’re selling or giving away your Fire TV Stick.

How Do I Sign Out of Cable on my Fire Stick?

Logging into an app with your cable provider account activates the single sign-on feature across all supported apps on your Fire TV Stick. Similarly, logging out of one of these supported apps also removes the single sign-on login.

Here’s an example of how to log out of your provider’s single sign-on. We’ll use the History Channel app though you should be able to use any app part of your pay-TV or cable plan.

  1. Open the History Channel app on your Fire TV Stick.

  2. Select Settings.

    Settings icon on History Channel app on Fire Stick.
  3. Select Sign Out of Your TV Provider.

    History Channel app single sign-on logout option.
  4. Select Sign Out to confirm. This action should now have logged you out of all of the apps which use your provider’s single sign-on login.

    Fire Stick app sign out screen.

How Do You Use Single Sign-On Fire Sticks?

The single sign-on feature is essentially just a way for users to log into several apps at once without entering various usernames and passwords in every single app manually.

Single sign-on is used to help customers log into all of the supported services offered by a cable TV provider.

The feature only works with apps and services included with the plan you’re using from your pay-TV provider. So, for example, your cable plan may give you access to MTV and Hallmark Channel, but you’ll likely still need to log into the YouTube and Spotify apps with their respective accounts.

You shouldn’t need to purchase a new Fire Stick to use your provider’s single sign-on functionality. All you need to do is log into an app that's part of your current plan with your provider’s information.

What Fire Stick Apps Are Included in Single Sign-On?

There are many apps on Amazon Fire TV Sticks supporting the single sign-on feature, but whether you can use them or not depends greatly on if they’re part of your pay-TV plan.

An example of single sign-on apps included with an AT&T cable package.

For example, some AT&T cable plans include the History Channel, but this doesn’t mean those on another plan with different providers can sign into the History Channel app with their accounts.

The list of apps and services supporting the single sign-on functionality should be visible on your provider’s website and app. Many providers also show you all of the apps you can download and use on your Fire Stick as part of your plan as soon as you log into the first one.

Do I Have to Use Single Sign-On With My Fire TV Stick?

The single sign-on feature is automatically activated whenever you log into an app with your provider’s information. As a result, you don’t need to use the apps or services your cable plan offers you, and you can even sign in with your account in most apps if you want.

Something to consider is that the cable plan you’re paying for is likely giving you access to several cable channels and streaming services, whether you like it or not. So you may as well use them or at least give them a try.

Other Amazon Fire TV Stick Sign Out Options

If you want to remove all traces of yourself from your Amazon Fire TV Stick, there are two additional steps you should take in addition to logging out of all of your single sign-on apps.

Amazon Fire Stick Deregister option.

First, you should unregister your Fire Stick by selecting Settings > Account & Profile Settings > Amazon Account > Deregister. This process will disconnect the Fire Stick from your Amazon account and allow its next owner to track it and manage it.

The second step you need to take in removing yourself from your Fire Stick is to perform a factory reset. It will remove all of your data and files and return your Fire TV Stick to its state when it was manufactured.

  • How do I sign out of Netflix on Firestick?

    To sign out of your Netflix account on your Fire Stick device, begin at the Home screen. Then, go to Applications > Manage All Installed Applications > Netflix > Clear Data.

  • How do I sign out of Amazon Prime on a Fire Stick?

    You can deregister your Fire Stick from your Amazon account to sign out and prevent others from using it or to switch to another account. Go to Settings > Account & Profile Settings > Amazon Account > Deregister. Once you have deregistered it, you can re-register with any Amazon account by selecting Register and signing in with the associated username and password.

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