How to Sign Out of Apple ID on Mac

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What to Know

  • Go to System Preferences > Apple ID > Overview > Sign Out to sign out.
  • Log into a new account by clicking System Preferences > Sign In.
  • If you don't know the previous owner's password, ask them to sign out for you or log out remotely via

This article teaches you how to sign out of your Apple ID on Mac and provides advice on what to do if the Apple ID sign-out box is impossible to click. 

How Do You Sign Out of Your Apple ID?

If you want to sign out of your Apple ID so that you can switch to a different one or not be signed in, the process is pretty simple. Here's where to look and what to do when signing out of your Apple ID on Mac.

  1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Click System Preferences.

  3. Click Apple ID.

    Mac System Preferences with Apple ID highlighted
  4. Click Overview.

    Mac Apple ID options with Overview highlighted
  5. Click Sign Out.

    If you've previously used iCloud on your system, click Keep a Copy to keep existing data for select apps.

    Mac Apple ID options with Sign Out highlighted
  6. Enter your password to switch off Find My Mac and click Continue.

  7. You're now signed out of your Apple ID.

How Do I Log Into a Different Apple ID on My Mac? 

To log into a different Apple ID on your Mac, follow the instructions above to remove an existing account and log into a second account.

  1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Click System Preferences.

  3. Click Sign In.

    Mac System Preferences with Sign in highlighted
  4. Enter your Apple ID email address and click Next.

    Mac Apple ID screen with Next highlighted
  5. Enter your password and click Next.

    Apple ID screen with Next highlighted
  6.  Enter your Mac's password and click OK.

    You may also need to enter your iPhone's passcode.

  7. Click Allow to switch Find My Mac on.

  8. You are now logged in.

How Do I Get Rid of Someone Else’s Apple ID on My Mac?

If you've recently bought or inherited a Mac from someone, they may not have removed their Apple ID entirely from the system. The easiest way is to get them to log out of the system with their password, but if they can't physically get to you and aren't willing to share their password, there are other methods to remove the device from the account. Here's what to do.

You'll need to be in contact with the person whose ID it is.

  1. Get the person to sign in to iCloud via the web.

  2. Click Account Settings.

    iCloud with Account Settings highlighted
  3. Click on the device they need to remove.

    iCloud with a device highlighted
  4. Click the x next to the device to remove it from the account. 

    Alternatively, they can erase the device via Find iPhone > All Devices. 

    iCloud with Devices open and x highlighted next to one

Why Can’t I Log Out of My Apple ID on Mac?

Sometimes, the sign-out button is 'grayed' out, meaning you can't click on it to log out. There are some simple ways to fix this problem, though. Here's a look at the best methods.

  • Restart your Mac. Restarting your Mac will solve the bulk of the issues, often enabling you to press the button again. 
  • Check your internet connection. Your Apple ID needs to communicate with the Apple servers. If you're not online, it may not be possible to sign out.
  • Turn off an iCloud backup. If your Mac is currently using iCloud backup services, you won't be able to sign out while it's busy updating anything. Switch it off or wait for the backup to finish.
  • Turn off Screen Time. One unusual error means that having Screen Time switched on can stop you from logging out. Click System Preferences > Screen Time > Turn Off to switch it off, then try again. 
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