Shrek Kart HD Review

Shrek Kart is no longer available for download from the App Store. If you love fun racing games with a sense of humor, try out Angry Bird Go or Mole Kart. You can get more suggestions in our racing games roundup.

If you are a fan of Mario Kart, you'll be a fan of Shrek Kart. With the same basic gameplay that makes Nintendo's famous series so addicting, Shrek Kart puts a decidedly Far Far Away spin on the game of kart racing.

Shrek Kart HD Features

  • Kart Racing with both single player and multiplayer modes
  • 10 different karts with unique characters from Shrek
  • 15 different tracks with exotic locations from the movies, like Shrek's Swamp and Far Far Away
  • Multiple ways to play, including Single Race, Challenges and Arena mode

Shrek Kart HD Review

You can expect the same basic gameplay, from random power ups that you run over and then use against your fellow racers to speed up ramps, that you've come to expect in a Kart game. And overall, the game is very well done, with a few new twists like a unique ability given to each rider that can be unleashed during the race.

The controls are simple, with the tilt-to-steer mechanic we've seen done so well in iOS racing games and easy-to-get-at buttons to unleash your specials. You can even customize where the buttons are on the screen if you don't like the default settings.

The game is easy to hop into and start having fun right away. There are 10 different characters to choose from, but you'll only have access to Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots and Gingy until you start unlocking some of the other drivers. Each driver's kart is unique, so you can go with the super-fast Pinocchio or enjoy the superior handling in the Big Bad Wolf's ride.

With no exclusive features, owners of the iPhone version might want to pass on upgrading to Shrek Kart HD, but for those who don't already own a version, Shrek Kart is one of the cheapest and best ways to get your kart racing fix.