How to Use Showtime Streaming Services

Watch the premium channel without a cable subscription

Showtime offers two streaming services: Showtime Streaming Service and Showtime Anytime. Both services make it possible to view movies, live television, original series, and other content.

Learn more about the details, requirements, and benefits of these services, which of the options best suit your streaming needs, and how you could start streaming Showtime programming.

What Is Showtime Anytime?

Showtime Anytime is what Showtime calls its streaming service if you subscribe to Showtime via cable or satellite television. Showtime Anytime is included in the cost of your cable/satellite subscription. Participating television providers include:

  • U-verse
  • Cox
  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Frontier
  • Mediacom
  • Optimum
  • Spectrum
  • Suddenlink
  • Verizon Fios
  • WatchTV
  • Xfinity

You can find a complete list of participating providers on the Showtime Anytime website.

Showtime Anytime features include the ability to download content to watch offline; create lists of your favorite content; shift from one device to another, picking up where you left off.

You can use Showtime Anytime to stream content to most streaming devices as well as mobile devices using iOS, Android, Amazon, and Meta Quest apps.

Showtime Anytime is not available as a standalone streaming service.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime

If you already have a Showtime subscription with a participating provider and want to start streaming Showtime Anytime, activate your compatible device.

  1. Add the Showtime Anytime channel or app to your streaming device, such as a Roku or Fire TV, or your mobile device.

    Links to all Showtime Anytime apps are available on the Showtime website.

  2. Sign in to Showtime Anytime on the app with your television provider username and password. An activation code will appear.

  3. Go to the Showtime Anytime activation page in a web browser and enter the code to begin watching showtime on your streaming device or mobile app.

    Screenshot of Showtime Anytime device activation page
  4. Alternatively, you can watch Showtime Anytime in your web browser by logging in with your television provider username and password on the Showtime Anytime page.

    Screenshot of Showtime Anytime login in web browser

What Is Showtime Streaming Service?

Showtime's streaming service is simply called Showtime. If you don't have a cable/satellite TV package, you will sign up for Showtime, not Showtime Anytime. Showtime has a monthly fee (at the time of publication it's $10.99/month with a 7-day free trial).

The Showtime streaming service is available to anyone, provided you have a high-speed internet connection and a supported device. Currently, you can subscribe to the Showtime streaming service using the following companies/devices:

  • Amazon
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

You can also stream programming in your web browser via

Like Showtime Anytime, you can stream content or download programs to watch later offline. A subscription gains you get access to all of Showtime’s movies, plus original shows.

How to Sign up for Showtime Streaming Service

The fastest way to sign up for the Showtime streaming service and begin watching right away is to do so directly from your streaming device.

No matter what device or method you use to set up a Showtime streaming service account, you can watch it on any device with your username and password.

Just add the Showtime Anytime channel or app to your streaming devices such as a Roku or Fire Stick, or your mobile device. Search for showtime on your app store or channel store and add it to your device. Then you can open the app and follow the onscreen instructions to start a free trial and set up a Showtime account.

Make sure you download the basic Showtime app and not the Showtime Anytime app, as the latter will not work without a television provider subscription.

Alternative Ways to Get Showtime Streaming Content

If you already have an Amazon Prime or Hulu account, you have the additional option of adding Showtime to your existing account as a premium add-on. Showtime is also available as a channel on Apple TV and YouTube TV. YouTube TV also offers Showtime as part of its Entertainment Plus bundle, which also includes HBO Max and Starz.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, in Prime Video, go to the Channels category and add Showtime. You can also add Showtime to your Prime Video from the Amazon website.

Screenshot of Showtime on Prime Video

In Hulu, go to Manage Add-ons or log in to your Hulu account online and go to to add Showtime to your Hulu subscription.

Screenshot showing Showtime add-on for Hulu

In YouTube TV, select your profile icon > Settings > Membership. Select the Entertainment Plus bundle or the standalone Showtime channel.

Showtime options in YouTube TV channel add-ons

You can also start a subscription directly from Simply choose Start Your Free Trial, create an account, and provide your payment information.

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