Display Any Phone Screen on a Windows PC

Mirror your Android's phone’s screen on your PC

Here are our favorite solutions for streaming your Android device to a PC with ease:

Windows 10—Built-In Connect Feature

What we like
  • No additional software required.

  • Straightforward setup procedure for supported devices.

What we don't like
  • Many compatibility requirements mean that a majority of devices will be unable to take advantage of the feature at this point.

  • No advanced features are included with the Connect application such as screen recording.

Person showing their phone screen on a laptop
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The simplest way to mirror your device’s screen onto a PC is to use the software included with your machine at no extra cost. While this option is by far the easiest and requires no additional fees or third-party software, your computer must meet a few requirements. To utilize the Wireless Display functionality, you must be running the latest version of Windows 10, and your machine must be ‘Miracast Capable.’ To check if your device supports Miracast streaming, begin by following our instructions below for the setup procedure:

  1. Click on the Windows Start Button in the lower left–hand corner of the screen.

  2. Type ‘Connect’ into the Search Bar and press the Enter key to open the application. At this point, if your device does not support Miracast then the Connect app will alert you — we would then recommend trying one of the other solutions provided in this article. Otherwise, if your device is supported, you will be greeted with the Connect app and a message noting that your system ‘is ready for you to connect wirelessly.’

  3. Next, on your Android device, pull your Notifications Center down from the top of your device to access your phone’s setting toggles.

  4. Your Android device should now showcase an option to Enable Wireless Display — tap it to begin. If the option isn’t immediately visible it may be hidden; to reveal it, tap the three-dot menu () to show all of your phone’s options. If the option is still not available then your Android device may not support casting to a PC — we would then recommend trying one of the other solutions provided in this article.

  5. Lastly, after tapping the Enable Wireless Display option, tap on the name of your computer in the list shown to begin streaming. The computer’s name will be the same as what is currently displayed in your Windows’ Connect application.

Vysor—A Window to Your Android

Vysor streaming a mobile phone screen.
What we like
  • Free version allows for easy casting procedure via wired cable.

  • Quickly take screenshots of your device within the application.

  • Utilizes your keyboard and mouse for faster access.

  • App is available for a multitude of desktop platforms.

  • Company provides reliable support via their Google+ community.

  • ‘Purchase For Life’ option means you can buy-out of the subscription model if desired.

What we don't like
  • Wireless streaming to your PC requires a subscription.

  • Some may find the initial setup a bit technical for their liking.

Available for all Android devices, Vysor allows you to quickly stream your content to your PC, Mac, Linux, or ChromeOS machine with the click of a button. A free version is available that allows you to show your phone’s screen on a PC, but it does require that the device uses a wired connection. If you wish to go wireless while taking advantage of other features including fullscreen mirroring, higher quality streaming, and file sharing, you must purchase Vysor Pro for your device.

AirDroid—Delight Your Multi-Screen Life

AirDroid running on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS devices.
What we like
  • AirDroid is a robust app with a robust feature set.

  • Free version includes wireless display streaming and remote messaging/notification support.

  • Business version is available for those looking to utilize the solution in a workplace setting.

What we don't like
  • The free version includes advertisements.

  • The Pro version does not offer a ‘Purchase For Life’ license.

  • Only a limited number of devices can be utilized in the Pro version before needing to switch to a business account.

An excellent option for those who won’t stand for anything less than everything is AirDroid. Not only does the AirDroid app for Android allow you to showcase your screen on your PC, but you can also initialize file transfers, receive text messages & notifications on your device, access your device’s files via a web browser, and local your device on a map if it is ever misplaced. Pro-only features include remote camera access, finding a lost device, and removing displayed ads.

TeamViewer—The #1 Remote Desktop Choice

Viewing a smartphone screen on Windows via TeamViewer.
What we like
  • A completely free option to stream an Android device to your PC.

  • No limitations due to the free nature of the program.

  • No advertisements or watermarks.

  • Secured 256-bit encrypted sessions for extra security.

  • Works with or without Wi-Fi.

What we don't like
  • Privacy-conscious individuals may not enjoy being forced to create a TeamViewer account to use the service.

  • Some users may seek more advanced features than those offered by the app.

TeamViewer has stood out as one of the best options available for remotely accessing your PC; the software has even been utilized by major manufactures for troubleshooting. Utilizing the TeamViewer Host app on your Android device, you can log in to the TeamViewer website and click to cast your screen to any web browser easily. For those looking to stream their display to their PC only and nothing else – TeamViewer is a winning option.

Streaming From an iOS Device to Your PC

A computer with AirServer streaming multiple devices.
What we like
  • The software is reliable and straightforward to utilize.

  • Available for multiple platforms based on your needs.

  • AirPlay support ensures high–quality streaming.

  • Extra support included for Google Cast and Miracast devices.

  • Numerous iOS devices can stream to a PC at once.

What we don't like
  • No free version is available.

  • Wi-Fi is required.

For those seeking to stream their iPhone or iPad screen to a Windows PC, many available applications take advantage of Apple’s AirPlay mirroring feature to display your favorite content. Our top choice for users of any desktop platform is AirServer – the small price tag on this application is worth it. Simple to install, AirServer offers the ability to stream to any AirPlay, Google Chrome Cast, or Miracast devices to your PC screen. Getting started is easy:

  1. Begin by downloading and purchasing the latest version of AirServer from the company’s website. Users can also opt for a free 14-day trial to test the software.

  2. Install the application on your Windows PC as you would any other application and launch it from the Start Menu.

  3. Once the app is running on your PC, take out your iPad or iPhone and unlock the device.

  4. From the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom to reveal the ‘Control Center.’

  5. Tap on the option entitled Screen Mirroring.

  6. Lastly, select your PC from the list of available devices to begin streaming — note, you must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to utilize AirPlay.