How to Show Lyrics on Spotify

Find the lyrics to your favorite songs on Spotify

What to Know

  • Desktop: Select a song, then click the microphone icon on the Now Playing bar. 
  • Mobile: Select a song > tap the Now Playing bar or the visible part of the Lyrics overlay. As the song begins, swipe up from the bottom. 
  • Lyrics are synced with the pace of the song. 

This article explains the simple steps to show lyrics on the Spotify streaming app.

How Can I See Song Lyrics on Spotify?

Spotify provides song lyrics for many of its tracks. A microphone icon indicates whether lyrics are available for the song. Here's how to display them on desktop and mobile.

View Lyrics on Desktop

The instructions below are for the Spotify desktop app.

  1. Launch Spotify on your desktop. 

  2. Select a song to play. 

  3. On the Now Playing bar, select the microphone icon.

    Microphone icon for lyrics highlighted on Spotify desktop
  4. A colorful screen will display the lyrics with a highlighted part scrolling with the song as it plays in the background. 

    Spotify lyrics

Lyrics may not be available for certain songs if Spotify hasn't added them yet from the source. But you can always check back later to see if your favorite tracks can display the lyrics now. 

View Lyrics on Mobile

The instructions below are the same for both Android and iOS. The screenshots are from Spotify on iOS. 

  1. Select a song to play.

  2. Tap once on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen or tap on the visible part of the Lyrics overlay. 

  3. As the song begins, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 

  4. The Lyrics scroll with the pace of the song in real-time. You can select More or tap on top of the Lyrics screen for a full-screen view. 

    Spotify Lyrics on iOS with song highlighted and swipe up indicated

Can You Get Song Lyrics on Spotify?

Spotify partners with Musixmatch, the music cataloging platform, to bring lyrics in as many songs as possible. Lyrics are also available in multiple languages. The in-app feature is available for all Free and Premium users globally across iOS and Android devices, desktops, gaming consoles, and the SpotifyTV app.

Not all songs will have lyrics as they may not be available or uploaded on Spotify yet. Supported songs with lyrics will have a microphone icon you can tap to display a colorful lyrics screen. The words sync with the song playing in the background, so you can sing along if you want to.

You can share part of the lyrics (up to 5 lines) as Instagram Stories or tweets with the Share icon on the Lyrics screen. The lyrics sharing feature is only available on mobile apps. 

  • How do I download music on Spotify?

    To download songs on Spotify, you'll need to have a Spotify Premium subscription. With Spotify premium, you can't download individual songs, but you can download playlists. Open Spotify, select the playlist you want to download, and then select the downward arrow. The music is added to your library for offline listening.

  • How do I upload music to Spotify?

    To mimic uploading music to Spotify, you're actually just adding your local music to directories on a computer that Spotify can access, so it can include that content when it displays your collection. In Spotify, open the user menu, select Settings, and toggle on Show Local Files. You'll see a new Show Songs From category. Click Add a Source and select a directory.

  • How do I upgrade to Spotify Premium?

    To get Spotify Premium, you'll first get Spotify's app on the device you're using. On an iPhone, download the Spotify app from the App Store, and then go to the Spotify Premium website and tap Get Premium. On an Android, download Spotify from the Google Play Store, then tap Go Premium in the app's offer. On a PC, download Spotify for Windows and select Upgrade. On a Mac, download Spotify for Mac and click Upgrade.

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