Should You Buy an Ultra Short Throw Projector?

The advantages of a UST projector

Ultra short throw projectors are one of the best ways to maximize your screen size in a small room, make setup easier and reducing the middle-of-the-room clutter of older, larger projectors, which require greater distance from the screen. USTs aren't for everyone, and can be more expensive, but they also offer some of the easiest installation and best picture qualities of all projectors available today.

Are Short Throw Projectors Better?

Short throw projectors are projectors which are designed to operate at a much reduced distance to the projector screen, using mechanical lens shift and keystone to project an image at an extreme angle without impacting the visual quality. In fact, ultra short throw projectors can deliver just as good an image as many of the best traditional projectors.

Ultra short throw projectors aren't necessarily better than traditional projectors, but they do make it almost impossible for anyone to walk in front of the projected image, and they tend to offer reduced shadows and glare compared to more typical designs.

What Is the Advantage of a Short Throw Projector?

The real advantage of a short throw projector is how easy they are to set up and how versatile they can be. Whereas traditional projectors, especially those projecting onto larger screens, can require 10 or more feet of distance from the screen, USTs can be placed as close as just a few feet. That means you can have a huge projector screen in a small room, and you don't need to allocate space for the projector far back from the screen where you might want to sit, or where children or animals might more easily gain access to it.

This close proximity also reduces glare and shadows, cuts back on the length of necessary cables to plug everything in, and can cut back on the installation costs since you don't need to mount the projector on the ceiling.

The only real downside to ultra short throw projectors is they tend to be more expensive than their traditional projector contemporaries, since they require more complicated lens systems.

Are Ultra Short Throw Projectors Worth It?

Ultra short throw projectors, or USTs, are the latest evolution in short throw projector technology, and simply work at a much greater proximity than before. Where previous short throw projectors required at least a few feet to display a good quality picture, the latest generation USTs can display an image from as close as 10-inches—although most can't get quite that close.

Is a UST Projector Worth It?

If you have limited space to work with, or want to make the most of what you have, and don't mind spending a bit extra for the privilege, the latest generations of ultra short throw, or UST projectors, are well worth the investment. They have excellent picture quality, ultra convenience, and the easiest set up of most modern projector designs.

  • Are there 4K ultra short throw projectors?

    Yes. Samsung, Epson, Phillips, and most other manufacturers make 4K video projectors.

  • Do I need a special screen for my short throw projector?

    No. Some screens are specifically designed for short throw projectors, but any regular projection screen will work fine.

  • How do I convert a regular projector to a short throw projector?

    If you don't have a short throw projector, you can get a similar effect by placing a wide angle lens in front of your projector lens. You'll probably need to create a rig of some kind to hold the lens in place.

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