Microsoft Word Uppercase Shortcut Key

Quickly convert text to uppercase

When you're working on a Microsoft Word document and have a string of lowercase text that should be in uppercase, don't retype it. Instead, use the Word Change Case tool to change some or all of the text to a different case, such as all caps.

Instructions in this article apply to Word for Microsoft 365, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, and Word 2010.

Microsoft Word Uppercase Shortcut Key

The fastest way to change text to all caps is to highlight the text and press the keyboard shortcut Shift+F3.

Press Ctrl+A to highlight all the text on the page.

You may need to press the shortcut combination a few times because the text in the document might be in another case such as sentence case or all lowercase.

On Word for Mac, select the text you want to change to uppercase, then press ⌘+SHIFT+K.

Change to Uppercase Using the Ribbon

Another way to change the text case is to go to the Home tab on the ribbon.

  1. Select the text you want to change to uppercase, then go to the Home tab.

  2. In the Font group, select the Change Case drop-down arrow.

    Microsoft Word with the Change Case menu highlighted
  3. Choose UPPERCASE to change the selected text to all uppercase letters.

Word Online doesn't have a shortcut that changes the case of the selected text. Either edit the text manually or open the document in the desktop version of Word to change the case.

Word offers other ways to change the text case:

  • Sentence Case: Capitalize the first letter of each selected sentence and change the remaining text to lower case.
  • lowercase: Change the selected text to lowercase.
  • Capitalize Each Word: Change the first letter of each selected word to uppercase format.
  • tOGGLE cASE: Change the first letter of every word to lowercase and the remaining letters to uppercase.

Any time you change the case format of text in Word, use the Ctrl+Z shortcut to undo it.

Don't Have Microsoft Word?

Though it's simple to do this in Microsoft Word, you don't have to use Word to change the text to all caps. There are online services that perform the same function. For example, go to the Convert Case website or Capitalize My Title website and paste the text into the text field and choose from a variety of cases. Select from uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, capitalized case, alternating case, title case, and inverse case. After the conversion, copy the text and paste it where you need it.

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