SharePlay Finally Coming to New Mac Computers

The macOS 12.1 update also adds other new features

SharePlay is finally available on the newest Mac computers by way of a new update that also adds other new features and security changes.

According to the release notes of the Monterey 12.1 update, the changes also include support for an Apple Music Voice Plan and several bug fixes. The update is currently rolling out; however, Apple said that not all the features would be available to users in all regions.

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SharePlay allows people to enjoy content from supported apps, like Apple TV, using FaceTime. The app allows groups of people to share synced content. Anyone in the group can pause, rewind, or fast forward whatever they're watching. You can even play a select number of games through SharePlay or work out at home with the SmartGym app.

The Apple Music Voice Plan is a new subscription tier for Apple Music. It enables support for Siri so you can ask for a specific song or recommendations based on music preferences.

Apple Messages also now includes a new nudity detection setting that lets parents to control how a child is notified when an explicit photo is sent to them. And it notifies the parent if the child is under 13 years old.

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Security patches are also a significant part of the 12.1 update. A vulnerability to Bluetooth support which allowed a bad actor to track the MAC address, has been patched out. Additional bug fixes include remedying an HDR video playback error on YouTube and displays not charging on MacBook Pros.

Still missing, however, is Universal Control on macOS Monterey. Universal Control lets you to use one mouse across other Mac computers. This feature had to be delayed until Spring 2022, according to a tweet from @AppleSWUpdates.

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