Share Your Crafty Passions With Facebook’s New Hobbi App

The boom in DIY and craft projects gets a new app from Facebook

What: Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) group has quietly released a new app, Hobbi, focused on DIY crafts and projects.

How: The app seems to be available on the App Store at this time, though not as yet on Google Play.

Why Do You Care: The app may eventually compete with Pinterest, making it an interesting download. NPE apps can also come and go quickly, so check it out soon.

Facebook’s experimental app, Hobbi, on an iPhone X
Original Image: Unsplash

The current boom in DIY culture has just gotten another app for crafty, project-oriented folks to document and share their passions. Facebook’s experimental group, NPE (which stands for new product experimentation) quietly released Hobbi on the App Store.

While some outlets like The Verge compare it to Pinterest, Hobbi feels more like Google’s Tangi, an app created to let crafters and other do-it-yourselfers share step by step videos and images with other users.

Whichever app it’s competing with, Hobbi is pretty bare bones as of yet. Once downloaded, you simply put in your phone number, then create a project. You can add images you've already taken, or take them then and there to add to a step-by-step project, adding captions as you go. You can add your stills to a Ken Burns-style video, then share with the regular sharing sheet on iOS.

If you’re looking for another way to get your crafty skills out there, or just want to have bragging rights to a new app system, Hobbi is in the iOS App Store now. We haven't been able to find it on Google Play at press time.

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