How to Share Wi-Fi Network Passwords in Windows 11

Share your internet connection with another computer wirelessly with a hotspot

What to Know

  • Open Settings > Network & internet > Mobile hotspot. Turn on the switch for Mobile hotspot.
  • Enter the provided network name and password on your second computer to access the shared internet.
  • Windows 11 computers can share their internet with any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

This article will walk you through the easiest way to share the internet connection on your Windows 11 computer, laptop, or Microsoft Surface device with other devices via Wi-Fi. It will explain both the steps for how to turn on the Windows 11 mobile hotspot setting and how to share the password and network name to give others access.

The Wi-Fi setup instructions on this page apply to devices running the Windows 11 operating system. Once established, any device with Wi-Fi functionality can connect to the internet connection. This includes iOS and Android smart devices in addition to video game consoles and fitness trackers.

How Can I Share My Wireless Network?

The easiest way to share a wireless network with your other devices on Windows 11 is to create a mobile hotspot that broadcasts its own unique Wi-Fi signal. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the Windows 11 Start menu.

    Windows 11 desktop with the Start menu highlighted
  2. Type Settings.

    Windows 11 Start menu with Settings in the search bar highlighted

    You don’t need to select the search bar. You can start typing as soon as the Start menu is open.

  3. Select Settings.

    Windows 11 Start menu with Settings app selected
  4. Select Network & internet.

    Windows 11 Settings app with Network & Internet highlighted
  5. Select Mobile hotspot.

    Windows 11 Network and internet settings with Mobile Hotspot highlighted
  6. Select the switch to the right of Mobile hotspot to turn it on.

    Windows 11 Mobile hotspot screen with the toggle highlighted
  7. On your second computer or smart device, use the information under Network properties to log into your first computer’s Wi-Fi internet.

    The name of the Wi-Fi network you just created is next to Name while the series of letters and numbers next to Password is the Wi-Fi network password.

  8. If you want to, you can select Edit next to Network properties.

    Windows 11 Mobile hotspot screen with Edit highlighted next to Network Properties
  9. Change your Wi-Fi name, password, and Wi-Fi band type.

    Windows 11 Wi-Fi network password and name highlighted

Can I Share Wi-Fi From My PC?

Using the steps shown above, any PC with Wi-Fi functionality can create its own wireless network for other devices to connect to. If your Windows 11 computer doesn’t support wireless connectivity though, this method of internet sharing will not be an option.

If your Windows 11 PC can’t connect to any other wireless connections, it likely can’t create its own Wi-Fi network.

An alternative solution is to ask your internet provider for a router with Wi-Fi internet capability. This way you can connect all of you devices directly to the router instead of through your PC.

The router you have may actually already support Wi-Fi as this is a very common feature.

Is It Possible to Share Wi-Fi Over Wi-Fi?

Windows 11 does allow you to share a Wi-Fi connection with other devices over Wi-Fi by using the method shown above. You can also use a wired internet connection to make a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot in Windows 11 if you like. This can be useful for those working with a coaxial cable internet/TV connection and no wireless router.

Can 2 Computers Share 1 Internet Connection?

There’s very little nowadays from stopping more than one computer from connecting to the same internet connection. The vast majority of modems, routers, and modem-router hybrids make it very easy for multiple devices to connect to the internet via a cable connection to the modem or via a router’s Wi-Fi signal.

Most modern routers can create their own Wi-Fi network without the use of a computer, laptop, or tablet.

Those who have a cable or wired internet connection would benefit from creating a mobile hotspot in Windows 11 using the steps on this page.

If you need to connect a single coaxial internet connection to your television, you can get around this limitation by splitting the connection.

However, if you have a router, it can be a good idea to connect your other devices to its Wi-Fi signal instead. This way you can turn your computer off without disconnecting everything from the internet.

  • What is Wi-Fi Direct share and why is it on my tablet?

    Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless technology that lets devices connect without a router or modem. Wi-Fi Direct devices communicate to send and receive files, sync, view information on computers, screencast, and print. Wi-Fi Direct is on many Android devices, including tablets.

  • How do I change my Wi-Fi password?

    To change your Wi-Fi password, log in to your router as an administrator and locate Wi-Fi Password Settings. (Different routers may have different terminology.) Enter a new Wi-Fi password, and then save your changes.

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