How to Share Screen on Zoom on an iPad

Sharing your screen makes presentations easy

What to Know

  • Before starting: Go to Settings > Control Center > Screen Recording. Tap + to enable.
  • During a meeting, go to Share Content > Screen.

This article provides instructions for how to share your screen on an iPad while in a Zoom meeting.

Share Your iPad's Screen on Zoom During the Meeting

If you’re already in a Zoom meeting, it’s pretty easy to start sharing your screen. Here’s how.

  1. In the upper-right corner of your screen, tap Share Content.

    Zoom meeting main screen with Share Content highlighted
  2. Tap Screen.

    Share Content menu options with Screen highlighted
  3. Your iPad screen will begin to record.

    Any notifications you receive while using Screen Share will be visible to everyone in the meeting. Use Do Not Disturb to keep your notifications private.

Share Your iPad's Screen on Zoom Via Control Center

The Control Center provides instant access to many iPad functions, including screen recording. Here’s how to use the Control Center to start sharing your screen during a Zoom meeting.

  1. Swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen to open the iPad's Control Center.

    Opening the Control Center on iPad with swipe down indicated by a yellow arrow
  2. Press Screen Recording. The icon, a filled circle within another circle, looks like a recording indicator light. Its location will depend on how many other controls you have enabled.

    The Screen Recording button (filled circle) highlighted in iPad control center
  3. Choose Zoom on the drop-down menu that appears. Three seconds later, your screen will appear on Zoom.

    A list of apps that support Screen Recording with Zoom highlighted

Share Your iPad's Screen on Zoom Before Joining the Meeting

If you’re leading the meeting or giving a presentation, you may want to Screen Share as soon as you join the meeting. This option is on the main page of the Zoom app.

  1. From Zoom, tap Share Screen.

    The main page of Zoom with Share Screen highlighted
  2. Enter the meeting ID or Share Key.

    Share Screen dialog with Meeting ID input highlighted

    You can start a meeting instantly with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI), but Zoom Support advises against using your PMI for back-to-back meetings or people you meet with infrequently.

  3. Tap Start Broadcast. Your screen will be visible.

    iPad Zoom screen share with Start Broadcast highlighted

Why Can’t I Share My iPad Screen On Zoom?

If other people can’t see your screen, there are two things you can do. Try them in this order.

Enable Screen Recording

To make sure the problem isn’t on your end, enable Screen Recording in the Control Center.

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center.

    The Control Center highlighted on iPad.
  2. Find Screen Recording. If it isn't in Included Controls, enable it by tapping the green +.

    Screen Recording highlighted in iPad Control Center settings
  3. Screen Recording will move to Included Controls.

    Screen Recording highlighted in included controls.

Enable Screen Sharing for Participants

If you're not the host, ask the meeting host to allow participants to share their screens. Here's how to do so on an iPad.

  1. Tap More. You can find it in the upper right corner of Zoom.

    A Zoom meeting with More highlighted
  2. Select Security.

    Zoom meeting menu options with Security highlighted
  3. Allow Participants to Screen Share.

    The security options in Zoom with Allow Participants to Share Screen toggled on highlighted

    If the host is using a desktop, they can enable Simultaneous Screen Sharing.

How Do I Turn Off Screen Share?

Now let’s cover how to stop sharing so you can end your presentation gracefully. There are a few different ways to stop sharing.

  1. Press Stop Share in the bottom center of Zoom.

    Stop Share highlighted at the bottom center of Zoom.
  2. Or, press Stop Share in the upper right corner of Zoom.

    Stop Share highlighted in the upper right corner.
  3. Press the Screen Recording icon in status bar.

    The recording icon is (red oval with white circles inside) highlighted in Zoom.
  4. Open the Control Center. Press the red Screen Recording button.

    Screen Recording highlighted as active in the control center.
  • How do I share the screen on Zoom on an iPhone?

    If you're on a Zoom meeting on an iPhone and want to share the screen, tap Share Content > Screen. Select Zoom from the screen-sharing options, and then tap Start Broadcast.

  • How do I share the screen on Zoom on a Mac?

    To share the screen with Zoom on a Mac, hover your mouse over the Zoom meeting screen and select Share Screen. Next, select the program or window you want to share and click Share. Check for a light blue highlight on your shared screen, which indicates others can see your shared Zoom screen. Click Share again to share your window.

  • How do I share audio on Zoom?

    To share audio on Zoom, select Share Screen and then check Share computer sound. Select Share to confirm. Ensure you pick the right screen to share if multiple screens are connected.

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