How to Share Your Paint 3D Creations on Facebook

Screenshot of a Paint 3D model on Remix 3D

 Tim Fisher

Microsoft's Paint 3D makes it really easy to share your artwork over Facebook. The only catch is that you have to upload it to the Remix 3D community first.

Once your Paint 3D design is saved online in your Microsoft account, you can easily post a link to it for all your Facebook friends to see. You can also share it through a private message, post it on some else's timeline, or do anything else you can when sharing URLs on Facebook.

When someone opens your model from Remix 3D, they'll get a full 3D preview of it right in their browser and be able to see your other submissions to the community, as well as remix your model in their own Paint 3D program.

If they're logged in to their Microsoft account, they'll also be able to "like" your creation, comment, and add it to their own Remix 3D collections to showcase on their profile.

There are two parts to this process: exporting the model online and then sharing its URL over Facebook.

Export the Paint 3D Design to Facebook

This exporting portion can be done in two ways. This first method is quicker than the other one (below), and involves uploading the project to Remix 3D through Paint 3D:

  1. With the creation open in Paint 3D, go to Menu and choose Upload to Remix 3D.
    1. Note: If you're not already signed in to your Microsoft account, you'll be asked to do so now. You can also create a new account there if you don't already have one.
  2. Pick any of the filters from the Set the scene section on the right side of the program. These are colors applied to the canvas that give it a unique style.
    1. You can optionally adjust the Light wheel setting to change how light appears on the canvas.
  3. Click or tap Next.
  4. From the Add some details screen, put a name and description that matches your creation, and optionally some tags to help people find it from a search. The name is the only requirement.
  5. Choose Upload.
    1. The model has been uploaded when you see the Excellent screen.
  6. Click/tap View model to open it in Remix 3D.
  7. Skip down to the Share the Paint 3D Design on Facebook section below.

In this method, you save the Paint 3D creation to a file and then manually upload it to Remix 3D through the website:

  1. Open your model in Paint 3D and then navigate to Menu and then Export file.
  2. Choose 3D-FBX or 3D-3MF from the Choose your file type list.
  3. Name the model and save it somewhere you can easily find again for the next step.
  4. Open Remix 3D and click/tap Upload at the top right of that page.
    1. Note: You'll be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account if you're not already. Go ahead and make a new account or hit Sign in to enter your details.
  5. Click or tap Select file from the Upload your model window.
  6. Find and open the file you saved from Step 3.
  7. Once the filename is shown in the box, choose Upload.
  8. Pick a scene from the Set the scene window, and optionally adjust the Light wheel setting to choose how light appears on the model. You can leave these values as their defaults if you wish.
  9. Click or tap Next.
  10. Fill out a name and description for your Paint 3D model, choose which application from the drop-down menu was used to design the creation, and optionally add some tags to the model to help others find it on Remix 3D.
  11. Choose Upload.
  12. Select View model to open it in Remix 3D.

Share It on Facebook

Now that your model is a part of the Remix 3D collection, you can share it on Facebook like this:

  1. Visit the Remix 3D website.
    1. If you're already viewing your model, you can skip down to Step 6.
  2. Choose Sign in at the top right of the Remix 3D website (the blank user icon), right next to Upload.
  3. Log on to the same Microsoft account that you used to upload the design from Paint 3D.
  4. Click or tap MY STUFF at the top of that page.
  5. Open the Paint 3D model you want to share on Facebook.
  6. Choose the Facebook icon next to your design, and log on to your Facebook account if asked.
  7. Choose an option from the drop-down box, like Share on Your Timeline or Share on a Friend's Timeline.
  8. Optionally customize the message before you send it out. You can enter some text into the space provided, edit the privacy section at the bottom of the Post to Facebook window, add emojis, etc.
  9. Hit Post to Facebook to share the Paint 3D model on Facebook.