How to Share Movies Anywhere With Screen Pass

Give temporary access to your movies to friends or family

What to Know

  • Click the My Movies tab, select a movie, then click Screen Pass > Send A Screen Pass.
  • The recipient needs to have or create a Movies Anywhere account.
  • Users can also share their movie lists too.

This article covers how to share movies and movie lists for the Movies Anywhere app on iOS and Android devices, and on the desktop version of Movies Anywhere.

How to Share Your Movies with Screen Pass

Movies Anywhere is a service that gives you a place to digitally store movies you've bought, either on DVD or through a streaming service. Screen Pass is a function within this site that allows you to share these movies with others. It's completely free to sign up for, and by using Screen Pass your friends or family can have access to your movies for free.

  1. Create an account on Movies Anywhere. You can do this by clicking Join Now in the top right corner of the site.

    A screenshot of Movies Anywhere homepage with the Join Now button highlighted.
  2. To be eligible for Screen Pass, you must redeem or buy a movie. To redeem a movie, go to Redeem and enter a Movies Anywhere code from a DVD or Blu-Ray which includes the code insert. You can only share a movie if it is eligible for Screen Pass.

    Movies Anywhere site with Redeem button highlighted.
  3. To buy a movie, either search for one or select one on the Explore page. Then click See Retailers for a list of streaming services where you can buy the movie. Once you select one and buy a movie at your chosen service, it will appear in your Movies Anywhere library.

    The Movies Anywhere site with the See Retailers button highlighted.
  4. Click the My Movies tab to see your Screen Pass-eligible movies. Select the movie you'd like to share with someone.

    The Movies Anywhere site with the My Movies button highlighted.
  5. Click the Screen Pass button and you'll be given the option to Send a Screen Pass to a friend.

    The Movies Anywhere site with the Send a Screen Pass button highlighted.

    Your friend will have 7 days to accept the Screen Pass. If it's not accepted, the pass will be returned to you to use again. Once accepted, they will have 14 days to watch the movie, and 72 hours to finish the movie once it's been started. You will have 3 Screen Passes to use a month, and unused passes don't roll over.

  6. You will then receive a URL link to send out by clicking Send A Screen Pass. This will give whoever you send the pass to access to this movie. They will also need to create a Movies Anywhere account in order to accept the movie.

    The location (highlighted) to find the shared movie link on Movies Anywhere interface.

    You can share this URL anywhere, but only one person may accept and use the pass. Once it's been accepted, the URL becomes void.

How to Share a List Of Your Movies

If you don't know which movie you'd like to send out, you also have the ability to send someone an entire list of your Screen Pass-eligible movie collection which they can then choose from. The same time frames and rules apply for accepting and watching a movie from this list as it does for sharing a singular movie.

  1. Go to your Settings by clicking on the arrow next to your profile picture.

    In the app, tap your profile picture and select Settings.

    The Settings menu item highlighted on the Movies Anywhere site.
  2. Then select Screen Pass.

    The Screen Pass menu item highlighted under the Setting section on the Movies Anywhere site.
  3. Click Share List of My Eligible Movies

    Screen passes with option to share list of eligible movies on the Movies Anywhere site.
  4. Then select Use a Screen Pass. You will then be able to send the URL to the list of your Screen Pass movies to anybody you choose.

    Window with the option to use a screen pass for the list of your movies on the Movies Anywhere site.

Tips On Using Screen Pass

  • You will be eligible to use the Screen Pass function as long as you buy or redeem a movie on Movies Anywhere every six months. You can send the passes to anyone, even the same person multiple times.
  • Creating a Movies Anywhere account is free, but you must be a US resident aged 13 or older in order to use the platform.
  • You can use Movies Anywhere on your laptop, as well as on iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Android TV.
  • Previously purchased movies on streaming platforms that you may connect to Movies Anywhere won't count as a purchased movie to make you eligible for Screen Pass. You need to buy or redeem a movie through the Movies Anywhere service to get access to and start using Screen Pass.
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