How to Share Your Location on iPhone or iPad

If you want to be found, send out a signal on iOS

Here's how to share your exact location with chosen contacts on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 or newer. iOS 10.13 supports this feature, too, but the steps might differ slightly.

How to Share Your Location Using iCloud or Family Sharing

First, turn on Location services and set up a Family Sharing or iCloud account. Then, follow these steps on your iOS device:

  1. Tap Settings, and then select your name.

  2. Tap Find My.

  3. Turn on (green) the Share My Location toggle.

    Navigating to the iPhone's Find My feature
  4. To stop location sharing, turn off (white) the Share My Location toggle.

How to Share Your Location Using the Messages App

iOS' preinstalled communication app, ​Messages, lets you share your location, too. From within Messages:

  1. Tap the conversation that includes the person you want to share your location with.

  2. Tap Info.

  3. Tap Share My Location and choose the duration from menu that pops up.

    Sharing location via Messages
  4. Send the message.

You must have Location Services turned on in Settings to send your location in Messages.

How to Share Your Location Using the Apple Maps App

iOS' Maps app makes it easy for the people meeting you to get turn-by-turn directions. To share your location in the Maps App:

  1. Tap the location arrow on the lower-right side to ensure your location is precise, then tap the blue dot representing your current location.

  2. Tap Share your Location.

  3. Select a duration, a method (such as Messages or Mail), and a recipient.

    Sharing your location in iOS via Maps
  4. Send your location.

How to Send Your Location Using Facebook Messenger

In Facebook Messenger:

  1. Tap the person you want to share your location with.

  2. Tap the location arrow.

    If you don't see the location arrow, tap the plus (+) sign in the lower-left corner of the screen.

  3. Tap Start Sharing Live Location. Messenger will share your location with the chosen person for 60 minutes unless you tap Stop Sharing Live Location.

    Sharing location via Facebook Messenger

How to Send Your Location Using Google Maps

If you prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps, sharing your location with Google Maps is an option, too. First, sign in to your Google account and then:

  1. Open Google Maps and tap your profile icon in the upper-right corner.

  2. Tap Location sharing > New share.

    Google maps New share
  3. If you're sharing with someone who has a Google account, Allow Google maps to access to your contacts if prompted.

    If the recipient does not have a Google account, send a location link by tapping Messages (or tap More to choose a different app to send it through). A location sent this way is visible for a period you choose of up to 72 hours.

  4. Select a duration to share your location.

  5. Tap the profile icon of the person to share your location with > Share.

    Sharing location in Google Maps
  6. Alternatively, you can share your Google Maps location directly from Messages using the app tray above the keyboard: scroll until you find Google Maps, and tap Send to share your real-time location for an hour.

    Sharing location with Google Maps in Messages for iOS

How to Send Your Location Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another popular chat app that allows you to share your location:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the conversation with the person or people you want to share your location with—or enter a phone number.

  2. Tap the plus (+) icon next to the message field.

  3. Tap Location.

  4. Tap Share Live Location to share your location as you move. Or, tap Send Your Current Location to share only your present location, which won't update if you move.

    Plus icon, Location button, and Send options in WhatsApp
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