How to Share a Google Form

Use the More menu to add collaborators

What to Know

  • Share with collaborators: Three dots > Add Collaborators. Enter email addresses, adjust permissions > Done.
  • Alternatively: Send button > Send via email tab > Add editor. Add email address, adjust permissions > Done.
  • Share with respondents: Send button at the top. Then, choose how you'd like to share (embed, social media, etc.)

This article walks you through how to share a form created in Google Forms. We’ll show you how to add collaborators to work on the form together along with ways to share the form with respondents.

How to Share Google Forms With Collaborators

If you want input from others to build a Google Forms survey or questionnaire, you can add collaborators and adjust their permissions based on what you need them to do.

  1. You'll need first to open the box to add collaborators or editors to your form. You can do this in one of two ways:

    • Select the three dots on the top right of the form and pick Add collaborators.
    • Select the Send button at the top, go to the Send via email tab, and pick Add editor on the bottom left.
    Add Collaborators in the three-dot menu
  2. When the "Add editors to (name of your survey)" window opens, enter the name(s), email address(es), or group(s) in the box at the top.

    Select the gear icon in the top right corner to adjust the permissions.

    Add people and groups box for the email addresses
  3. Then, check the boxes for those items you want to apply. When you finish, select the arrow on the top left to go back.

    Share settings for collaborators
  4. Below General access, choose either Restricted or Anyone with the link in the drop-down box. If you choose Restricted, then only those collaborators you’re sharing with will have access.

    General Access settings
  5. Optionally, check the box to Notify people which sends an email to your editor(s), and include a Message if you like.

    Notify option and Message box

    You may see an additional option for Viewer when you select the Editor drop-down box next to those you’re sharing with. Viewer means the person would only have read-only access and not have the ability to make any changes or add any information.

  6. Select Send to share access to the form.

How to Share Google Forms With Respondents

When you finish setting up your form and are ready for others to fill it out, you have a few ways to share it.

You can send a link to the form in an email, copy a link to the form that you can paste wherever you like, or get the code to embed it on your website. You can also share the link in a post on Facebook or Twitter directly from the form.

For all sharing options, begin by selecting the Send button on the top right of the form. 

Send button at the top of Google Forms

Send a Link to the Form Via Email

You can send a link directly via Google Forms.

  1. In the Send Form window, select the Email tab.

  2. Add the email addresses for the respondents in the To field.

  3. Optionally, change the Subject which defaults to the name of the form. 

  4. Complete the Message you want to include in the email body.

  5. If you want to send the form in the email along with the link, check the box for Include form in email.

    Select Send on the bottom right.

    Send via email box in Google Forms

    If you have a File Upload question in your form, the Include form in email option is grayed out.

Copy a Link to the Form to Paste Elsewhere

With just a link, you can send the form to anyone.

  1. In the Send Form window, select the Link tab.

  2. You’ll see the URL for your form in the Link field. 

    To shorten the URL before you copy it, check the box for Shorten URL.

    Shorten URL option in Google Forms
  3. Whether you use the full URL or the shortened one, select the Copy button when you’re ready.

    This places the link on your clipboard for you to paste where you like.

    Form link with Copy button

Get the Embed Code for Your Blog or Website

The embed code will allow you display the form right on your site.

  1. In the Send Form window, select the Embed tab.

  2. To customize the size of the box that holds the form on your site, you can enter the Width and/or Height in those corresponding boxes. This then adjusts the code for you.

    Width and Height settings for the embed code
  3. When you finish, select the Copy button.

    This places the HTML code on your clipboard for you to paste on your site.

    Embed settings in Google Forms

Share on Facebook or Twitter

Of course, in order to reach the most amount of people, social media is the way to go.

  1. In the Send Form window, select either the Facebook or Twitter icon on the right. You’ll see these icons regardless of which tab you’re viewing.

    Facebook and Twitter options for sending a form
  2. Sign into the corresponding social media site when prompted.

  3. Then, complete your message and post it as you normally would.

    Tweet for sharing a Google Form
  • How do I share the responses to my Google Form?

    Open the Google Form you want to share and select the Responses tab, then select the Google Sheets icon in the top-right. Now select Share in the top-right of the Google Sheet, add the users you want to share responses with when prompted, and select Send.

  • How do I share a Google Form in my Instagram stories?

    Copy the URL to your Google Form, then open Instagram and create a new story. Select the link icon (it looks like a chain) in the top-right, then select + URL and paste or type in the URL to your form. Select Done in the top-right to finish.

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