How to Share Your Google Calendar

Share via Settings and Sharing to add people to your calendar

What to Know

  • Hover over the calendar you wish to share and click the three dots > Settings and Sharing > Add people.
  • It's not possible to share a calendar using the app, but you can invite people to individual events.
  • Permissions can be as simple as allowing users to see basic event details or be able to add or delete own events.

This article teaches you how to share your Google Calendar with other users to make scheduling appointments and meetings easier. It also looks at the limitations of the service and potential workaround solutions. 

How to Share Your Google Calendar With Others

To share your Google Calendar with specific family members or work colleagues, the process only takes a few clicks. By doing so, you can organize meetings easily as well as remind people of key dates. Here's how to share your Google Calendar with others.

  1. Open Google Calendar in your web browser.

  2. Under My Calendars, hover over the calendar you wish to share.

    Google Calendar site with a calendar highlighted.

    If no calendars are listed, click My Calendars to bring the list down.

  3. Click the three dots next to the calendar name.

    Google Calendar with three dots next to a calendar name highlighted.
  4. Click Settings and Sharing.

    Google Calendar with Settings and sharing highlighted.
  5. Scroll down to Share with specific people.

  6. Click Add people.

    Google Calendar Settings with Add People highlighted.
  7. Type in the email address of the person you wish to share the calendar with.

    If the person is already in your address book, you can enter a couple of characters and then click the name to autocomplete it.

  8. Click Send to send an invite to the Calendar and make it available to that user.

    Google Calendar with Send invite highlighted.

    Click the arrow underneath Permissions to change what the person is able to do within your Calendar.

How to Share Your Google Calendar With Everyone

If you would prefer to make your Google Calendar events public and viewable by everyone, that's also possible. Here's how to share your Google Calendar with everyone.

Make sure the information on your Calendar is the type you wish to share with everyone as anyone with the link will be able to view or potentially edit it. It will even appear on Google search results once made public. 

  1. From Settings and Sharing, scroll down to Access permissions for events.

  2. Click Make available to public.

    Google Calendar with Make Available to Public tick box highlighted.
  3. Click OK to agree to make it public to the world. 

    Google Calendar make public warning with OK highlighted.
  4. Click Get Shareable link > Copy link to get a link that can be shared with everyone.

    Google Calendar with Get Shareable Link highlighted.

How to Share Your Google Calendar via the App

It's not possible to share your Google Calendar using the iOS or Android app, but there are ways in which you can share specific events. Here's how to do so.

The screenshots relate to the iOS version but the instructions are the same.

  1. On Google Calendar, tap the event you wish to share with someone.

  2. Tap the pencil icon.

  3. Tap Add People.

    Google Calendar app with steps needed to add someone to a meeting or event.
  4. Enter the email address and tap Done.

    Steps needed in Google Calendar app to enter an email address to add/invite to an event.
  5. The person will now be sent an invite to the event but they can't view the other person's full calendar.

What Do Google Calendar Access Permissions Mean?

However you share your calendar, it's possible to change the access permissions. These permissions affect what someone can do on your calendar so it's important to pick the right one for your needs. Here's an overview of what each one does.

  • See only free/busy (hide details). The person can see when your calendar is booked and when you have free time, but they can't see any details about your events.
  • See all event details. Users can see everything about your upcoming events including time zones. They can also subscribe to email alerts when new events are created or anything is changed.
  • Make changes to events. The person can add and edit events on your calendar as well as permanently delete them.
  • Make changes & manage sharing. The user can do all the above as well as invite other people to access the calendar and edit events too. 
  • How do I sync my Google calendar with an iPhone?

    Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts, select your Gmail account, and make sure Calendars is switched on to get it to show up in the Calendars app. If your Gmail account isn't listed, choose Add Account to sign in and sync it with your phone.

  • How do I add birthdays to a Google calendar?

    You can add birthdays from your Google Contacts app by going to My Calendars in the main menu and checking Birthdays. To remove a person's birthday, delete that info from their contact.

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