Share Digital Car Keys, Turn On Reading Mode, and More With New Android Updates

And Wear OS updates, too

A bevy of updated features have come (and are headed to) Android devices for the 2022 holiday season.

Google has dropped quite a few new features for Android devices that add to what's already available and even provide some entirely new options. And the list starts with new emojis for Emoji Kitchen and new designs for Google Photos' collage editor.

Android Reading Mode


Beyond that, there's Reading Mode, which is intended to assist those with impaired or low vision, dyslexia, or who are blind with customizable display options. Said display options include contrast adjustments, font types and sizes, and text-to-speech.

Digital car keys are also sharable across Pixel phones and iPhones (and eventually select Android devices running Android 12). So you can wirelessly pass your car keys along to trusted friends and family, then use the digital wallet app to track who has access to what.

Android holiday updates for 2022


Videos are also getting some attention, with a new Home Screen widget for YouTube that lets you quickly pull up Shorts, subs, and videos. And while it's not ready just yet, the Google TV app will also be able to cast directly to a compatible TV, with your Android device acting as a remote via the app.

Wear OS wasn't forgotten either, with new Google Maps tiles for favorite contacts and sunrise or sunset time tracking. Google Keep now makes your notes more visually in-line with what's on your phone, and Google Assistant will soon be able to pull up a number of exercises through the Adidas running app.

Most of these new Android features should be available now, but Google Assistant's update will take about a week to roll out. Meanwhile, Google TV app casting is planned to start next week. More details are also available over on the official Android update website.

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