How to Share Audio on Zoom

Sharing your computer's audio only takes a few clicks

What to Know

  • Join a meeting. Click Share screen and check Share computer sound. Then, click Share.
  • Sharing audio is a function of sharing your screen on Zoom, so pick the right screen to share if you have multiple screens connected.
  • Once done, click Stop sharing at the top of your screen being shared.

This article covers how to share audio with others while you're on a Zoom call, how to stop sharing audio on a Zoom call, and additional tips for sharing your audio.

How to Share Sound on Zoom

Built into the screen share feature in Zoom is the ability to share your computer audio as well.

Don't worry if you're on a call with mobile users, either, because sharing your computer's audio on Zoom doesn't require anything at all from meeting participants. The first step to sharing audio on Zoom is joining or setting up a meeting.

  1. Join a meeting.

  2. At the bottom of your screen, click Share screen.

  3. Select a screen to share, and then check Share computer sound at the bottom of the newly opened window. Then, click Share.

    Buttons to share screen and audio in Zoom.
  4. To stop sharing, click Stop sharing at the top of the screen being shared.

From the Zoom app home, click the Settings cog at the top-right of the window. Then, open the Audio tab. Checking Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting near the bottom of the screen will automatically share your computer's audio whenever you join a meeting, making the above steps unnecessary if you always plan to share your audio in meetings.

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