How to Share Apple Music

The Apple Family Music Plan keeps the whole family singing along

What to Know

  • To set up Family Sharing on your iPhone, go to Settings > Family Sharing > Set Up Your Family.
  • On Android, open the Apple Music app and go to Account > Upgrade to Family.
  • To share via text, email, or social media, tap and hold song, album, or playlist > tap Share.

This article explains how to share your Apple Music subscription with up to six people. You can also share single songs from Apple Music.

How to Share Apple Music With a Family Plan on iOS

Using an Apple Music Family Plan requires that you set up Apple's Family Sharing feature. This lets up to six people share content between their Apple IDs. So, the first thing you need to do is set up Family Sharing and then invite people to your family group.

If you haven't signed up for Apple Music before, choose a Family Plan during set up.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap your name.

  2. Tap Set Up Family Sharing.

    Settings app, User name, and Set Up Family Sharing in iPhone settings
  3. Tap Get Started.

  4. Tap Apple Music.

  5. Tap Go to Apple Music and choose a family sharing plan.

    Get Started, Apple Music, and Go to Apple Music highlighted in iPhone Family Sharing

If the people you want to share your Family Plan with are already Apple Music subscribers, they have to end their individual subscriptions.

How to Set Up Apple Music Family Sharing on Android

Family Sharing is built into iOS, but it's not part of Android. As a result, the normal instructions for setting it up don't work. Android users actually set up Family Sharing from within the Apple Music app itself. Here's what you need to do:

  1. In the Apple Music app and tap Listen Now.

  2. Tap the three dot menu.

  3. Tap Account.

    Listen Now, Three dot menu, and Account in the Apple Music app
  4. Tap Upgrade to Family.

  5. Choose a plan and tap Subscribe. Follow the instructions to sign in with your Apple ID and verify your billing information.

    Upgrade to Family and Subscribe highlighted in the Apple Music app

How to Share Apple Music via Text Message, Email, or Social Media

If you just want to share your latest favorite song without sharing your subscription, you can do that, too.

  1. Tap and hold the song, album, or playlist you want to share.

  2. Tap Share.

  3. Choose how you want to share. You can share music on social media or select Copy Link to get a link that you can send via email or direct message.

    Waterfalls, Share Song, and Copy Link highlighted in the Apple Music app

The people you share the music with also need to be Apple Music subscribers to listen to the songs you send them. They can use the standard free trial to listen to the songs right away.

To see what your friends are listening to, go to the bottom of the Apple Music app, tap Listen Now, and scroll down to Friends Are Listening To.

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