How to Tweet a GIF on Twitter

Make your tweets more visually appealing with animated GIFs

Twitter supports a GIF search engine (Giphy) and a GIF keyboard platform (Riffsy) to bring built-in GIF sharing to Twitter.

Why Share GIFs on Twitter?

Here are a few good reasons to share a GIF on Twitter instead of a standard image or video:

  • GIFs tell stories better than classic images.
  • Unlike videos, GIFs get the point across silently, automatically, and quickly before looping back to the beginning.
  • GIFs help users express their emotions and reactions.
  • GIFs grab users' attention.

Overall, GIFs are entertaining and fun to use on practically any social networking platform supporting them.

The Twitter GIF sharing feature is available both on Twitter via a web browser and the Twitter mobile app.

How to Tweet a GIF on Twitter

You can add a GIF to a tweet or tweet one by itself.

You can't insert more than one GIF per tweet using the GIF function. Although Twitter allows up to four regular images in one tweet by using the image function, the GIF function is limited to only one.

  1. Log in to Twitter.

  2. Click inside the tweet composer box or select the tweet composer button (marked by a quill/paper icon) to activate the buttons.

    Twitter tweet composer
  3. Select the GIF icon between the photo/video camera icon and the poll icon. 

    GIF button on Twitter
  4. The GIF search box opens. Select the category of your choice to see the GIFs contained in them.

    GIF library on Twitter
  5. Alternatively, perform a specific search by entering a keyword or phrase in the search field at the top.

    GIF search on Twitter
  6. Select the GIF you want to use, and it inserts into your tweet automatically. It shows up inline on your profile feed and the home feed of users who follow you.

    Adding a GIF doesn't affect your tweet character limit. Select the X in the upper-right corner of the GIF to delete it if you change your mind.

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