What Is an SGN File?

A file with the SGN file extension might be a Sierra Print Artist Sign file used by the Sierra Print Artist program to store information related to cards, calendars, or other craft projects created with the software.

A Slax Boot file uses the .SGN file extension as well, for a file that's necessary when booting the Slax Linux operating system.

Another file format that uses SGN in its file extension is Signet Encrypted files. This file extension is likely just used so that the encrypted files can be opened, or decrypted, in the Signet program.

SGN Files
SGN Files.

How to Open an SGN File

SGN files that are Sierra Print Artist files can be opened with Print Artist (formerly called Sierra Print Artist) by Nova Development. Even though these are called "sign" files, an SGN file created by Print Artist might be any kind of project created with the program.

If an SGN file is a Slax Boot file, it will be used by the Slax Linux operating system for assisting in booting the OS, and will likely not be a file that you'll need to open and use.

We don't have a download link for the Signet program, but an SGN file that is encrypted can probably only be opened using the original Signet software. If you have that program on your computer already, you can most likely use it to open the SGN file.

If the SGN file isn't opening in any of those programs, you might try viewing it as a text document with a text editor. Doing that might help you find a word or two that identifies the format the file is in. From there, you can do some research to find the program that created the file, or one that can be used to view it.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the SGN file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open SGN files, you will need to change the default program for a specific file extension.

How to Convert an SGN File

If you have a Sierra Print Artist file, you can most likely convert it to a different file format through the Print Artist software. Since the file is used to store other project data, the whole file itself probably cannot be converted, but if you open the SGN file in that program, you can most likely export certain things out of it, like images.

A Slax Boot file cannot be converted to any other file format, not only because there's no way to do it but the file would stop working if it existed as anything other than an SGN file. The same goes for Signet Encrypted files, which need to remain as SGN files so they can work with the appropriate software.