What Is an SFM File?

Samsung phones save memos as SFM files, but there are also SFM files related to movies and accounting forms

What to Know

  • Some SFM files are S Memo files created on a Samsung device. Use a text editor to open it.
  • Other SFM files could be associated with Valve Source Filmmaker, DART Pro, or Sage 50 Accounting.
  • To convert an SFM file, use the same program that opens it. E.g., a text editor to convert SFM notes.

This article explains several formats that use the SFM file extension and how to open and convert each type.

What Is an SFM File?

A file with the SFM file extension might be a note file created by the S Memo app on a Samsung device.

SFM is also an abbreviation for Standard Format Markers, which are characters embedded into a page of text to indicate a verse, chapter, or other section of a larger group of writing. These plain text files can use the .SFM file extension.

Valve's Source Filmmaker (SFM) tool uses .SFM files, too, as saved sessions while making movies. Some SFM files may instead be DART Pro 98 Soundtree Structure files or accounting form files.

SFM text files in Windows 10

How to Open an SFM File

Samsung devices that use SFM files will store and open them as needed. There's really no need, and probably not even a means, to open them from the device itself. 

However, if you connect the device to a computer, you may be able to copy the file out of the \Application\Smemo\cache\ or \Application\Smemo\switcher\ folder and then open it with a free text editor.

Some devices use S Notes instead of S Memo, so it's possible that SFM files used on those devices won't open with the default notes application. However, it's unlikely SFM files are created on Samsung devices that don't use S Memo.

SFM files that are Standard Format Markers should also be able to be opened with a text editor. The Adapt It translation program uses SFM files for things like filtering information and navigating through text. Paratext is another program that uses SFM files.

Source Filmmaker (it requires Steam) opens SFM files that are used with that tool. DART Pro should be able to open SFM files used as Soundtree Structure files. Other files ending in .SFM might be used for accounting forms, and can be opened with Sage's accounting software.

Given the many different uses for files that end with .SFM, if you have multiple SFM file openers on your computer, there's a good chance the file will open with a program you don't want to use with it. If you want a different program to use the file when you double-click it in Windows, see our How to Change File Associations in Windows guide.

How to Convert an SFM File

If you're able to open an S Memo text file in a text editor, then you can most definitely convert it to another text-based format like HTML or TXT.

Standard Format Markers might be able to be saved to another format through the same program that can open the file.

The same is true for DART Pro and accounting forms that use the .SFM file extension. Any program that supports exporting or converting a file to a different format probably has the option to do so somewhere in the File menu, or maybe through a Convert or Export option.

Source Filmmaker files can be tricky to understand. Since these are used with movie files, it might seem possible to convert the SFM file to MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, or some other audio/video format, but that's not possible since the SFM file is merely a saved session that corresponds to the project you're using with Source Filmmaker.

There's probably no reason to convert that kind of file to any other format, but if you want to make a movie file with Source Filmmaker, open the SFM file to load the session, and then use the File > Export > Movie menu option.

Still Can't Open the File?

If none of the programs from above will open your file, there's a good chance that you don't really have an SFM file, but are instead misreading the file extension.

For example, maybe it's really an SMF (StarMath formula), SFZ, SFV, SFW (Seattle FilmWorks image), CFM, or SFPACK file.

If you don't really have an SFM file, research the file's real extension to learn which programs can be used to open or convert it.

  • Where can you download Source Filmmaker?

    You can download Source Filmmaker for free on Steam.  It includes all the base game assets from Team Fortress 2 along with assets from some of the first "Meet the Team" short films.

  • How do you use Source Filmmaker?

    The Source Filmmaker website has tutorial videos to get you started if you're new to computer graphics programs. There are also FAQs, a community where you can ask questions to other creators, and a wiki.

  • How do you add models in Source Filmmaker?

    Extract the model's archive and copy two folders called Materials and Models, then paste them into a new sub-folder in Source Filmmaker's Game folder. The path will look something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\[your new folder]. Launch Source Filmmaker as a SDK and select Edit Search Paths for Selected Mod, then select the checkbox next to the folder you just created.

  • How can you convert a Word document to video?

    The easiest way is to turn the document into images like JPEGs or PNGs. Then, you can import those images into a video editing program and export them as a video.

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